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However, this is a matter that should be practised with moderation and fairness.  Our Pen of Glory hath, as a token of wisdom and for the convenience of the people, desisted from laying down its limit.  Nevertheless We exhort the loved ones of God to observe justice and fairness, and to do that which would prompt the friends of God to evince tender mercy and compassion towards each other.  He is in truth the Counsellor, the Compassionate, the All-Bountiful.  God grant that all men may be graciously aided to observe that which the Tongue of the One true God hath uttered.  And if they put into practice what We have set forth, God—­exalted be His glory—­will assuredly double their portion through the heaven of His bounty.  Verily He is the Generous, the Forgiving, the Compassionate.  Praise be unto God, the Most Exalted, the Most Great.

Nevertheless the conduct of these affairs hath been entrusted to the men of the House of Justice that they may enforce them according to the exigencies of the time and the dictates of wisdom.

Once again We exhort all believers to observe justice and fairness and to show forth love and contentment.  They are indeed the people of Baha, the companions of the Crimson Ark.  Upon them be the peace of God, the Lord of all Names, the Creator of the heavens.


This Tablet was addressed to Aqa Muhammad, a distinguished believer from the town of Qa’in, who was surnamed Nabil-i-Akbar (see Memorials of the Faithful pages 1-5).  Another distinguished believer of Qa’in, Mulla Muhammad-’Ali, was known as Nabil-i-Qa’ini (see Memorials of the Faithful pages 49-54).  In the abjad notation the name ‘Muhammad’ has the same numerical value as ’Nabil’.

THIS is an Epistle which the All-Merciful hath sent down from the Kingdom of Utterance.  It is truly a breath of life unto those who dwell in the realm of creation.  Glorified be the Lord of all worlds!  In this Epistle mention is made of him who magnifieth the Name of God, his Lord, and who is named Nabil in a weighty Tablet.

O Muhammad!  Hearken unto the Voice proceeding out of the Realm of Glory, calling aloud from the celestial Tree which hath risen above the land of Za’faran(51):  Verily, no God is there but Me, the Omniscient, the Wise.  Be thou as the breezes of the All-Merciful for the trees of the realm of existence and foster their growth through the potency of the Name of thy Lord, the Just, the All-Informed.  We desire to acquaint thee with that which will serve as a reminder unto the people, that they may put away the things current amongst them and set their faces towards God, the Lord of the sincere.

We exhort mankind in these days when the countenance of Justice is soiled with dust, when the flames of unbelief are burning high and the robe of wisdom rent asunder, when tranquillity and faithfulness have ebbed away and trials and tribulations have waxed severe, when covenants are broken and ties are severed, when no man knoweth how to discern light and darkness or to distinguish guidance from error.

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