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Bethlehem is astir with the Breeze of God.  We hear her voice saying:  ’O most generous Lord!  Where is Thy great glory established?  The sweet savours of Thy presence have quickened me, after I had melted in my separation from Thee.  Praised be Thou in that Thou hast raised the veils, and come with power in evident glory.’  We called unto her from behind the Tabernacle of Majesty and Grandeur:  ’O Bethlehem!  This Light hath risen in the orient, and travelled towards the occident, until it reached thee in the evening of its life.  Tell Me then:  Do the sons recognize the Father, and acknowledge Him, or do they deny Him, even as the people aforetime denied Him (Jesus)?’ Whereupon she cried out saying:  ’Thou art, in truth, the All-Knowing, the Best-Informed.’  Verily, We behold all created things moved to bear witness unto Us.  Some know Us and bear witness, while the majority bear witness, yet know Us not.

Mount Sinai is astir with the joy of beholding Our countenance.  She hath lifted her enthralling voice in glorification of her Lord, saying:  ’O Lord!  I sense the fragrance of Thy garment.  Methinks Thou art near, invested with the signs of God.  Thou hast ennobled these regions with Thy footsteps.  Great is the blessedness of Thy people, could they but know Thee and inhale Thy sweet savours; and woe betide them that are fast asleep.’

Happy art thou who hast turned thy face towards My countenance, inasmuch as thou hast rent the veils asunder, hast shattered the idols and recognized thine eternal Lord.  The people of the Qur’an have risen up against Us without any clear proof or evidence, tormenting Us at every moment with a fresh torment.  They idly imagine that tribulations can frustrate Our Purpose.  Vain indeed is that which they have imagined.  Verily, thy Lord is the One Who ordaineth whatsoever He pleaseth.

I never passed a tree but Mine heart addressed it saying:  ’O would that thou wert cut down in My name, and My body crucified upon thee.’  We revealed this passage in the Epistle to the Shah that it might serve as a warning to the followers of religions.  Verily, thy Lord is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.

Let not the things they have perpetrated grieve thee.  Truly they are even as dead, and not living.  Leave them unto the dead, then turn thy face towards Him Who is the Life-Giver of the world.  Beware lest the sayings of the heedless sadden thee.  Be thou steadfast in the Cause, and teach the people with consummate wisdom.  Thus enjoineth thee the Ruler of earth and heaven.  He is in truth the Almighty, the Most Generous.  Ere long will God exalt thy remembrance and will inscribe with the Pen of Glory that which thou didst utter for the sake of His love.  He is in truth the Protector of the doers of good.

Give My remembrance to the one named Murad and say:  ’Blessed art thou, O Murad, inasmuch as thou didst cast away the promptings of thine own desire and hast followed Him Who is the Desire of all mankind.’

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