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O people of Tar!  Give ear unto the Call of Him Who doeth whatsoever He willeth.  In truth He remindeth you of that which will draw you nigh unto God, the Lord of the worlds.  He hath turned His face towards you from the Prison of Akka and hath revealed for your sakes what will immortalize your memory and your names in the Book which cannot be effaced and remaineth unaffected by the doubts of the froward.  Cast away the things current amongst men and take fast hold on that whereunto ye are bidden by virtue of the Will of the Ordainer, the Ancient of Days.  This is the Day wherein the divine Lote-Tree calleth aloud, saying:  O people!  Behold ye My fruits and My leaves, incline then your ears unto My rustling.  Beware lest the doubts of men debar you from the light of certitude.  The Ocean of utterance exclaimeth and saith:  ’O ye dwellers on the earth!  Behold My billowing waters and the pearls of wisdom and utterance which I have poured forth.  Fear ye God and be not of the heedless.’

In this Day a great festival is taking place in the Realm above; for whatsoever was promised in the sacred Scriptures hath been fulfilled.  This is the Day of great rejoicing.  It behoveth everyone to hasten towards the court of His nearness with exceeding joy, gladness, exultation and delight and to deliver himself from the fire of remoteness.

O people of Tar!  Through the strengthening power of My Name seize ye the chalice of knowledge, drink then your fill in defiance of the people of the world who have broken the Covenant of God and His Testament, rejected His proofs and clear tokens, and cavilled at His signs which have pervaded all that are in heaven and on earth.

The disbelievers among the people of the Bayan are like the followers of the Shi’ih sect and walk in their footsteps.  Leave them to their idle fancies and vain imaginings.  They are in truth accounted with the lost in the Book of God, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.  The Shi’ih divines, one and all, are now engaged in reviling and denouncing the True One from their pulpits.  Gracious God!  Dawlat-Abadi(20) too hath followed suit.  He ascended the pulpit and gave voice to that which hath caused the Tablet to cry out in anguish and the Pen to wail.  Meditate upon his conduct and the conduct of Ashraf(21)—­upon him be My glory and My tender mercy—­and likewise consider those loved ones who hastened to the place of martyrdom in My Name, and offered up their lives in the path of Him Who is the Desire of the world.

The Cause is manifest, it shineth resplendent as the sun, but the people have become veils unto themselves.  We entreat God that He may graciously assist them to return unto Him.  He is, in truth, the Forgiving, the Merciful.

O people of Tar!  We send you greetings from this Spot and beseech God—­blessed and exalted is He—­to give you to drink the choice wine of constancy from the hand of His favour.  Verily, He is the Lord of Bounty, the Gracious, the All-Praised.  Leave ye unto themselves the immature ones of the world—­they that are moved by selfish desire and cling to the exponents of idle fancy.  Verily He is your Helper and Succourer.  He is, in truth, potent to do whatsoever He willeth.  No God is there but Him, the One, the Peerless, the Mighty, the Most Great.

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