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O people of the Bayan!  Ye have been forbidden to contact the loved ones of God.  Why hath this ban been imposed and for what purpose?  Be ye fair, I adjure you by God, and be not of the heedless.  Unto such as are endued with insight, and before the Most Great Beauty, the object of this ban is known and evident; it is so that no one may become aware of his (Hadi’s) secrets and deeds.

O Hadi!  Thou hast not been in Our company, thou art therefore ignorant of the Cause.  Act not according to thine idle imaginings.  Aside from these things, scrutinize the Writings with thine own eyes and ponder upon that which hath come to pass.  Have pity upon thyself and upon the servants of God and be not the cause of waywardness like unto the people aforetime.  The path is unmistakable and the proof is evident.  Change injustice into justice and inequity into equity.  We cherish the hope that the breaths of divine inspiration may strengthen thee and that thine inner ear may be enabled to hear the blessed words:  ’Say, it is God, then leave them to entertain themselves with their cavillings.’(8) Thou has been there (Cyprus) and hast seen him (Mirza Yahya).  Now speak forth with fairness.  Do not misrepresent the matter, neither to thyself nor to the people.  Thou art both ignorant and uninformed.  Give ear unto the Voice of this Wronged One and hasten towards the ocean of divine knowledge that perchance thou mayest be adorned with the ornament of comprehension and mayest renounce all else but God.  Hearken unto the Voice of this benevolent Counsellor, calling aloud, unveiled and manifest, before the faces of kings and their subjects, and summon the people of the world, one and all, unto Him Who is the Lord of Eternity.  This is the Word from Whose horizon the day-star of unfailing grace shineth resplendent.

O Hadi!  This Wronged One, rid of all attachment to the world, hath striven with utmost endeavour to quench the fire of animosity and hatred which burneth fiercely in the hearts of the peoples of the earth.  It behoveth every just and fair-minded person to render thanks unto God—­exalted be His glory—­and to arise to promote this pre-eminent Cause, that fire may turn into light, and hatred may give way to fellowship and love.  I swear by the righteousness of God!  This is the sole purpose of this Wronged One.  Indeed in proclaiming this momentous Cause and in demonstrating its Truth We have endured manifold sufferings, hardships and tribulations.  Thou thyself wouldst bear witness unto that which We have mentioned, couldst thou but speak with fairness.  Verily God speaketh the truth and leadeth the Way.  He is the Powerful, the Mighty, the Gracious.

May Our Glory rest upon the people of Baha whom neither the tyranny of the oppressor nor the ascendancy of the aggressor have been able to withhold from God, the Lord of the worlds.


This is the Epistle of God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting

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