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Glorified be God!  The Pen is perplexed what to write and the Tongue wondereth what to utter.  Despite unprecedented hardships and after enduring years of imprisonment, captivity and woeful trials, We now perceive that veils thicker than the ones We have already torn asunder have intervened, obstructing the vision and causing the light of understanding to be obscured.  Moreover We observe that the fresh calumnies which are now rife are far more malicious than those of former days.

O people of the Bayan!  Fear ye the merciful Lord.  Consider the people of former times.  What were their deeds and what fruit did they gather?  Every thing they uttered was but imposture and whatever they wrought hath proved worthless, except for those whom God hath graciously protected through His power.

I swear by the life of Him Who is the Desire of the world!  Were a man to ponder in his heart he would, free of all attachment to the world, hasten unto the Most Great Light and would purge and purify himself from the dust of vain imaginings and the smoke of idle fancy.  What could have prompted the people of the past to err and by whom were they misled?  They still reject the truth and have turned towards their own selfish desires.  This Wronged One calleth aloud for the sake of God.  Whosoever wisheth, let him turn thereunto; whosoever wisheth, let him turn away.  Verily God can well afford to dispense with all things, whether of the past or of the future.

O people of the Bayan!  It is men like unto Hadi Dawlat-Abadi(6) who, with turban and staff,(7) have been the source of opposition and hindrance and have so grievously burdened the people with superstitions that even at the present time they still expect the appearance of a fictitious person from a fictitious place.  Be ye warned, O men of understanding.

O Hadi!  Give ear unto the Voice of this trustworthy Counsellor:  direct thy steps from the left unto the right, that is turn away from idle fancy unto certitude.  Lead not the people into error.  The divine Luminary shineth, His Cause is manifest and His signs are all-embracing.  Set thy face towards God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.  Renounce thy leadership for the sake of God and leave the people unto themselves.  Thou art ignorant of the essential truth, thou art not acquainted therewith.

O Hadi!  Be thou of one face in the path of God.  When in company with the infidels, thou art an infidel and with the pious, thou art pious.  Reflect thou upon such souls as offered up their lives and their substance in that land, that haply thou mayest be admonished and roused from slumber.  Consider:  who is to be preferred, he who preserveth his body, his life and his possessions or the one who surrendereth his all in the path of God?  Judge thou fairly and be not of the unjust.  Take fast hold of justice and adhere unto equity that perchance thou mayest not, for selfish motives, use religion as a snare, nor disregard the truth for the sake of gold.  Indeed thine iniquity and the iniquity of such people as thyself have waxed so grievous that the Pen of Glory was moved to make such observations.  Fear thou God.  He Who heralded this Revelation hath declared:  ’He shall proclaim under all conditions:  “Verily, verily, I am God, no God is there but Me, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting."’

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