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28 The pen is powerless to depict and the tongue faileth to describe the trials which We have suffered.  Yet sweeter than honey to Me is the bitterness of such tribulations.  Would that at every instant all the afflictions of the world could, in the path of God and for the sake of His love, be visited upon this evanescent Soul Who is immersed in the ocean of divine knowledge!

29 We implore God for patience and forbearance, inasmuch as thou art but a feeble creature and bereft of comprehension.  Wert thou to awaken and inhale the fragrance of the breezes that waft from the retreats of eternity, thou wouldst readily abandon all that thou dost possess and in which thou dost rejoice, and choose to abide in one of the dilapidated rooms of this Most Great Prison.  Beseech God to grant thee such mature understanding as to enable thee to distinguish praiseworthy actions from those which merit blame.  Peace be upon him who followeth the way of guidance!


He is the Most Holy, the Most Glorious!

1 Kaf.  Za’.(75) We call unto thee from beyond the sea of grandeur, upon the crimson land, above the horizon of tribulation.  Verily, no God is there save Him, the Almighty, the Most Generous.  Walk thou steadfastly in My Cause and follow not the ways of those who, upon attaining unto the object of their desire, denied God, the Lord of Lords.  Erelong shall He lay hold upon them in His wrath, and He, verily, is the All-Powerful, the All-Subduing.

2 Know thou that, through the power of His sovereign might, God hath seized him who was the foremost amongst them that passed judgement against Us.  When he saw his torment approaching, he fled to Paris to seek recourse to physicians.

3 “Is there none to help me?” he asked.

4 He was smitten upon the mouth and told:  “There is no escape!"(76)

5 And when he turned towards the angel of wrath, he well-nigh expired from fear.  “I have a house full of riches,” he pleaded.  “I have a palace on the Bosphorus, beneath which the rivers flow.”

6 The angel replied:  “No ransom shall be accepted from thee on this day, even shouldst thou offer up all things visible and invisible.  Hearest thou not the sighs of the kindred of God, whom thou didst cast into prison without proof or testimony?  Thy deed hath provoked the lamentation of the inmates of Paradise, and of those who circle morn and eve round the Throne on high.  The wrath of thy Lord hath descended upon thee, and stern is He in His chastisement!"(77)

7 He made reply:  “I held command over the people, and here is the mandate of my authority.”

8 “Hold thy peace, O denier of the Day of Judgement!"(78)

9 He implored:  “Is no respite possible so that I may send for my family?”

10 “Far from it, O disbeliever in the verses of God!”

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