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2 “O kings of the PDC ¶41
          earth! ... the
          All-Powerful, the
2-3 “Fear God, O PDC ¶41
          concourse ... and
          be not of the
4 “My face hath come PDC ¶41
          forth ... could ye
          but know it.”
6 “Arise, then, ...  PDC ¶41
          may be revealed
          unto you.”
6 “Beware lest ye PDC ¶41
          hinder ... can be
7-14 “Lay not aside the PDC ¶42-46
          fear ... the right
15 “O kings of PDC ¶64
          Christendom! ...
          the entire
20-23 “Twenty years have GWB CXVI
          passed ... turn
          his face towards
24-30 “Call Thou to GWB LXV
          remembrance ... 
          Himself a
36 “Know ye that the GWB LXV
          world ... all
          things hath
37-47 “Fear God, ye GWB LXVI
          inhabitants ...
          the path of
53-54 “The day is GWB LXVI
          approaching ... of
          the past or of the
58-72 “Hearken, O King GWB CXIV
          ... abide and rule
74 “They expelled Us GPB 161
          ... on earth can
74 “the place which GPB 161
          none entereth ...
          authority of the
75 “Neither My family GPB 161
          ... that freezing
78-83 “I swear by God, O GWB CXIV
          King! ... the Lord
          of all worlds!”
84-107 “Dost thou imagine GWB CXIII
          ... trust and
          confidence in
          their Lord.”
108 “O ye divines of PDC ¶224
          the City! ... than
          all your doings.”
109-111 “Know ye, that had PDC ¶224
          your leaders ...
          turn upon their
111 “Know ye that God PDC ¶224
          will not ... could
          ye but perceive


    2 Mirza Yahya.

    3 Ustad Muhammad-’Aliy-i-Salmani.  See God Passes By, pp. 166-168, for
      an account of the events referred to by Baha’u’llah in this and
      following paragraphs.

    7 The Bab.

   11 A small rock situated low in the eastern corner of the Kaaba.

   12 Peter.

   13 cf.  Matthew 5:29; Mark 9:47.

   15 The Crimean War (1853-1856).

   17 The Sultan of Turkey.

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