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By HENRY E. SHEPHERD, M.A., Superintendent of Public Instruction, Baltimore, Maryland.

This work consists of a collection of extracts representing the purest historical literature that has been produced in the different stages of our literary development, from the time of Clarendon to the era of Macaulay and Prescott, its design being to present to the minds of young pupils typical illustrations of classic historical style, gathered mainly from English and American writers, and to create and develop a fondness for historical study.

The book is totally devoid of sectarian or partisan tendencies, the aim being simply to instill a love for historical reading, and not to suggest opinions or inculcate views in regard to any of those great civil and religious revolutions whose effects and whose influence must remain open questions till the last act in the historical drama shall be completed.

The biographical and critical notes are just sufficient to stimulate inquiry and independent research.  The intention of notes and comments is to suggest new lines of thought, and to develop a taste for more extended investigation.

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