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U for the Unicorn, keeping
  his eye on
The coveted crown, and
  ’ts counsel the Lion.

V for the Victuals, including
  the drink,
The old woman lived on
  surprising to think!

[Illustration:  WXYZ]

W for the woman
  who not over nice,
Made very short work
  of the three blind mice.

X is the X
  that is found upon buns,
Which, daughters not liking,
  may come in for sons.

Y for Yankee Doodle
  of ancient renown,
Both he & his pony
  that took him to town.

Z for the Zany
  who looked like a fool,
For when he was young
  he neglected his school.

[Illustration:  A-M]

[Illustration:  N-Z]

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