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Pease-pudding hot, pease-pudding cold;
Pease-pudding in the pot, nine days old.


Queen was in the parlour, eating bread and honey.


Ride a-cock horse to Banbury Cross,
To see an old woman get up on her horse;
Rings on her fingers and bells at her toes,
And so she makes music wherever she goes.


Simple Simon met a pieman,
  Going to the fair;
Says Simple Simon to the pieman,
  “Let me taste your ware!”


Taffy was a Welshman,
  Taffy was a thief,
Taffy came to my house,
  And stole a leg of beef.

I went to Taffy’s house,
  Taffy was not at home;
Taffy came to my house,
  And stole a marrow-bone.

I went to Taffy’s house,
  Taffy was in bed;
I took the marrow-bone,
  And broke Taffy’s head.


[Illustration:  STUV]


Up hill and down dale,
Butter is made in every vale;
And if Nancy Cock
Is a good girl,
She shall have a spouse,
And make butter anon,
Before her old grandmother
Grows a young man.


Valentine, Oh, Valentine,
  Curl your locks as I do mine;
Two before and two behind;
  Good-morrow to you, Valentine.


“Where are you going, my pretty maid?”
“I’m going a milking, sir,” she said. 
“May I go with you, my pretty maid?”
“You’re kindly welcome, sir,” she said. 
“What is your father, my pretty maid?”
“My father’s a farmer, sir,” she said. 
“Say will you marry me, my pretty maid?”
“Yes, if you please, kind sir,” she said. 
“What is your fortune, my pretty maid?”
“My face is my fortune, sir,” she said. 
“Then, I won’t marry you, my pretty maid!”
“Nobody asked you, sir,” she said.

[Illustration:  WXYZ]


  Cross X patch,
  Draw the latch,
Sit by the fire and spin: 
  Take a cup
  And drink it up,
Then call the neighbours in.


You know that Monday is Sunday’s brother;
Tuesday is such another;
Wednesday you must go to church and pray;
Thursday is half-holiday;
On Friday it is too late to begin to spin,
And Saturday is half-holiday again.


Zodiac for the Nursery.

The ram, the bull, the heavenly twins,
And next the crab, the lion shines,
  The virgin and the scales,
The scorpion, archer, and the goat,
The man who holds the watering-pot,
  And fish with glittering scales.

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