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be thou mayest gain at my father’s hands an escort and a safe return.  Thou shalt find a fair grove of Athene, a poplar grove near the road, and a spring wells forth therein, and a meadow lies all around.  There is my father’s demesne, and his fruitful close, within the sound of a man’s shout from the city.  Sit thee down there and wait until such time as we may have come into the city, and reached the house of my father.  But when thou deemest that we are got to the palace, then go up to the city of the Phaeacians, and ask for the house of my father Alcinous, high of heart.  It is easily known, and a young child could be thy guide, for nowise like it are builded the houses of the Phaeacians, so goodly is the palace of the hero Alcinous.  But when thou art within the shadow of the halls and the court, pass quickly through the great chamber, till thou comest to my mother, who sits at the hearth in the light of the fire, weaving yarn of sea-purple stain, a wonder to behold.  Her chair is leaned against a pillar, and her maidens sit behind her.  And there my father’s throne leans close to hers, wherein he sits and drinks his wine, like an immortal.  Pass thou by him, and cast thy hands about my mother’s knees, that thou mayest see quickly and with joy the day of thy returning, even if thou art from a very far country.  If but her heart be kindly disposed toward thee, then is there hope that thou shalt see thy friends, and come to thy well-builded house, and to thine own country.’

She spake, and smote the mules with the shining whip, and quickly they left behind them the streams of the river.  And well they trotted and well they paced, and she took heed to drive in such wise that the maidens and Odysseus might follow on foot, and cunningly she plied the lash.  Then the sun set, and they came to the famous grove, the sacred place of Athene; so there the goodly Odysseus sat him down.  Then straightway he prayed to the daughter of mighty Zeus:  ’Listen to me, child of Zeus, lord of the aegis, unwearied maiden; hear me even now, since before thou heardest not when I was smitten on the sea, when the renowned Earth-shaker smote me.  Grant me to come to the Phaeacians as one dear, and worthy of pity.’

So he spake in prayer, and Pallas Athene heard him; but she did not yet appear to him face to face, for she had regard unto her father’s brother, who furiously raged against the godlike Odysseus, till he should come to his own country.

Book VII

Odysseus being received at the house of the king Alcinous, the queen after supper, taking notice of his garments, gives him occasion to relate his passage thither on the raft.  Alcinous promises him a convoy for the morrow.

So he prayed there, the steadfast goodly Odysseus, while the two strong mules bare the princess to the town.  And when she had now come to the famous palace of her father, she halted at the gateway, and

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