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’Wherefore, sister, hast thou come hither, that before wert not wont to come, for thou hast thine habitation very far away?  Biddest thou me indeed to cease from the sorrows and pains, so many that disquiet my heart and soul?  Erewhile I lost my noble lord of the lion heart, adorned with all perfection among the Danaans, my true lord, whose fame is noised abroad from Hellas to mid Argos.  And now, again, my well-beloved son is departed on his hollow ship, poor child, not skilled in toils or in the gatherings of men.  For him I sorrow yet more than for my lord, and I tremble and fear for him lest aught befal him, whether, it may be, amid that folk where he is gone, or in the deep.  For many foemen devise evil against him, and go about to kill him, or ever he come to his own country.’

And the dim phantom answered her, and said:  ’Take courage, and be not so sorely afraid.  For lo, such a friend goes to guide him, as all men pray to stand by them, for that she hath the power, even Pallas Athene.  And she pitieth thee in thy sorrow, and now hath sent me forth to speak these words to thee.’

And wise Penelope answered her, saying:  ’If thou art indeed a god, and hast heard the word of a god, come, I pray thee, and tell me tidings concerning that ill-fated man, whether perchance he is yet alive and sees the light of the sun, or hath already died, and is a dweller in the house of Hades.’

And the dim phantom answered her and said:  ’Concerning him I will not tell thee all the tale, whether he be alive or dead; it is ill to speak words light as wind.’

Therewith the phantom slipped away by the bolt of the door and passed into the breath of the wind.  And the daughter of Icarius started up from sleep; and her heart was cheered, so clear was the vision that sped toward her in the dead of the night.

Meanwhile the wooers had taken ship and were sailing over the wet ways, pondering in their hearts sheer death for Telemachus.  Now there is a rocky isle in the mid sea, midway between Ithaca and rugged Samos, Asteris, a little isle; and there is a harbour therein with a double entrance, where ships may ride.  There the Achaeans abode lying in wait for Telemachus.

Book V

The Gods in council command Calypso by Hermes to send away Odysseus on a raft of trees; and Poseidon, returning from Ethiopia and seeing him on the coast of Phaeacia, scattered his raft; and how by the help of Ino he was thrown ashore, and slept on a heap of dry leaves till the next day.

Now the Dawn arose from her couch, from the side of the lordly Tithonus, to bear light to the immortals and to mortal men.  And lo, the gods were gathering to session, and among them Zeus, that thunders on high, whose might is above all.  And Athene told them the tale of the many woes of Odysseus, recalling them to mind; for near her heart was he that then abode in the dwelling of the nymph: 

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