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“We do, and I tell you I like it better and better the more I hear of it,” said Jack, earnestly.  “Why, I just had an idea it meant being junior soldiers, and drilling so as to be ready to invade Canada, or repel the yellow peril when the little Japs swarmed across the Pacific.  Count me in, Paul.”

“If I can pass the examination I’m going with you, sure,” observed William.

“All right, but if they take you in just remember that you’ve got to quit your playing tricks on everybody, William,” declared the other Carberry Twin.

“Listen to him, will you?  He’s feeling hard on me just because dad gave him a touch of the cane last night, thinking it was me.  As if I was to blame for looking like my brother,” the other said, plaintively, though chuckling at the same time.

“You know you fixed it so he’d pounce on me.  I’m always in hot water because you must have your fun.  ’Taint fair, and I’d have to be an angel not to kick.  Oh!  I hope you get to be a scout, because then I’ll have some peace,” declared Wallace; but all the others knew very well what a deep and abiding affection there really lay between the Carberry Twins.

“Let’s go home now.  No use staying any longer out here, with Ted Slavin and his cronies hanging around, ready to bombard us again.  Besides, I guess Paul wants to wait till he gets his book before telling us any more about the game.”

“Right you are, Nuthin’.  I only wanted to see how the land lay, and if you took to the idea.  I’m satisfied already that it’s going to make a hit, if we can get a few more fellows to join in with us,” said Paul.

“I know one good recruit I can drum up—­Tom Bates,” spoke up Albert.

“And a good addition to the seven now here.  That would make our first patrol,” echoed the leader, quickly.

“How about inviting some of the Slavin crowd to join us?” asked Bobolink.

“Well, perhaps we might pick a couple there; but I think you’ll have to be getting up early in the morning to manage it,” replied Paul, meaningly.

“What’s that?” asked William.

“Just this.  Ted Slavin has heard our plans.  You know that he never likes to see anybody else pull down the plums.  What will he do right away, fellows?”

“Go and see his shadow, Ward Kenwood, and get him to put up the money to start the ball rolling.  My word for it that inside of a week there’ll be two rival Boy Scout troops in little old Stanhope,” remarked Jack Stormways.

“Say, that would be great, if the other crowd only acted on the square,” ventured William.  “We could have all sorts of contests between us.  But I know Ted Slavin too well to believe he’ll ever subscribe to the twelve rules Wallace mentioned.  Why, he’d have to be made all over again to do that.”

“Look here, Paul, if a fellow has to live up to the rules, however could the members of Ted’s company be taken into a troop of Boy Scouts?” asked Bobolink, who always sought information.

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