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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 26 pages of information about Catalogue Of Linguistic Manuscripts In The Library Of The Bureau Of Ethnology. (1881 N 01 / 1879-1880 (Pages 553-578)).

=Wabass= (—.).  Vocabularies of the Chinook and Cowlitz Languages.
       1 l. folio.  Collected in 1858.

=White= (Ammi M.).  Vocabulary of the Pima and Papago Indians; 200 words.
       10 ll. 4^o.  On Smithsonian form.  Collected at the Pima and
     Maricopa Agency, Arizona, 1864.

=White= (Dr. John B.).  Classified List of the Prepositions, Pronouns,
     &c., of the Apache Language.
       2 ll. 4^o.

——­ Degrees of Relationship in the Language of the Apache.
       2 ll. 4^o.

——­ Names of the different Indian Tribes in Arizona, and the Names by
     which they are called by the Apaches.
       5 ll. 4^o.

——­ Remarks on the General Relations of the Apache Language.
       7 ll. 4^o.

——­ Sentences in Apache, with a classification of men, women, and
     children with the Apache names.
       15 pp. 12^o.  Collected in 1873 at the Apache Reservation in

——­ Vocabulary of the Apache and Tonto Languages.
       110 pp. 12^o.  Collected at San Carlos Reservation in 1873, ’74,

——­ Sentences in the Tonto Language.
       5 pp. 4^o.

=Willard= (Celeste N.).  Vocabulary of the Navajo.
       10 ll. folio.  Collected in 1869.

=Williamson= (Rev. Thomas S.).  Comparative Vocabulary of the Winnebago,
     Omaha, Ponka, and Dakota, with remarks on the same.
       38 pp. 4^o.

=Wowodsky= (Gov. —.).  Vocabulary of the Keni of Cook’s Inlet Bay.
       2 ll. folio.

=Wright= (Rev. Allen).  Vocabulary of the Chahta or Choctaw; 211 words.
       10 ll. folio.  On Smithsonian form.  Collected in 1866.


Gibbs, George, comparative vocabulary 555
Schoolcraft, Henry R., Comparative vocabulary 555
Whitney, J.D., alphabet, on the 557

Transcriber’s note: 

The following author names, which originally appeared as continued names at the top of a page, were replaced with ——­: 

=Bartlett= (John Russell).  Vocabulary of the Piro. =Cooper= (Dr. J.G.).  Vocabulary of the Siksikh[=o]ae, or Blackfoot =Dorsey= (James Owen).  Linguistic Material of the Winnebago Language =Gabb= (Dr. William.  M.).  Vocabulary of the Yuma =Gatschet= (Albert Samuel).  Words, Phrases, and Sentences of the Yamhill
     Dialect of the Kalapuya Family
=Gatschet= (Albert Samuel).  Vocabulary of the Wasco and Waccanessisi
     Dialects of the Chinuk Family.
=Gibbs= (George).  Vocabulary of the Makah =McBeth= (S.L.).  Grammar of the Nez Perce Language. =Powell= (John Wesley).  Ute Vocabulary. =Powell= (J.W.).  Vocabulary of the Kootenay =Ross= (R.B.).  Vocabulary of the Chipewyan.

The following misspelled words were maintained in this version of the book: 

p. 563 Smithonian for Smithsonian p. 565 ethnopaphic for ethnographic

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