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“Come, then, we had better go,” answered Paulus.  “This is all we shall see at present.  We shall now go into another room and wait the council’s adjournment; then you will have an interview with one delegated to talk with you.”

From the hallway they entered a smaller room, decorated with beautiful pictures and adorned with statuary.  Books, newspapers and magazines were at hand, and when the visitors were tired of gazing, they sat down by a table.

They had not long to wait before word came that the king and his friends should enter another room close by.  Paulus would wait for their return.  The two found a venerable looking man awaiting them, who, upon their entrance, arose and said: 

“Welcome, welcome, to the Lord’s house.  I may not call you king of Poland—­there is but one King on this earth—­but I will call you servants of the King, as we all are.  Be seated.

“I am instructed to tell you that, as a whole, the King is pleased with the manner you are conducting your stewardship.  The Spirit of our Lord moved upon you to take this journey to his capital, and you chose to come as you did.  That is well enough.  Tyrants do not enter this city, and your presence here is assurance to you that you are justified.

“It is well that you have disbanded your armies, and that your instruments of war have been made into plows and pruning hooks.  Remember the law that the nation and kingdom that will not serve the Lord shall perish.  The King grants to all His subjects their free agency in the matter of religion, forcing no one to obey the gospel law; still He is the King of the earth; it is His, and He made it, and has redeemed it; and He now wills that all nations shall come under one government organized by Him in righteousness.  For a thousand years the earth must rest in peace; then comes the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

“And now, another thing.  There have been some complaints from your country that the servants of the Lord who have been sent to preach the gospel to your people, have not had that perfect freedom which is desired.  Please see to it that they are not molested while peaceably promulgating religious doctrines.”

“I shall see to it,” answered the king of Poland.

For some time they counseled together; then the two withdrew, and joined Paulus, who conducted them out into the city.


“The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; * * * and a little child shall lead them.  They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”—­Isaiah 11:6-9.

The next day Paulus with his two visitors walked about the city.  He described and explained the many deeply interesting scenes, and answered the numerous questions directed to him.  The foreigners did not fail to note the wonderful advances made in the arts and sciences and their practical application to everyday affairs.  They had thought their own country not behind in improvements, but here their own were far surpassed.

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