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These four people did not part until David and Rachel had promised to meet their friends again soon, and continue the talk which had so favorably begun.  When the two had left, David turned to Rachel and said: 

“Did you see the lovelight glowing in their eyes when their hearts were touched with the truth?”

“Yes, as it did in yours when you were speaking.”

“And in yours, too, my dear, when it was your turn.”

“It’s good to be a missionary—­always a missionary, isn’t it, as long as there is one being in need of guidance and instruction.”

“It is very good, indeed, David.”

“Rachel, glad news for us.  We, you and I, are soon to follow our parents and our older brothers and sisters, up through the gates of the resurrection, which our Lord so graciously opened....  Yes, yes, it is true....  Into the celestial kingdom, with bodies of celestial glory and go on to our exaltation....  And, dear, the work is being done for us in the Temple of our God....  Yes, right now, it is being done.  Come, Rachel, let us go and be as near as we can....  Yes, we have permission....  This is the Temple.  God’s messengers are here, and His Spirit broods in and around the holy place.  That Spirit we also in common with mortality, may feel.  You, Rachel, ought to be at home here, more so than I. Let us follow the man and the woman who are doing the work for us....  Do you see them clearly, Rachel?...  Yes; we shall not forget them when they, too, come to us in the spirit, but we shall give them a welcome such as they have never dreamed of....  Now they are by the altar.  Kneel here by me, Rachel,—­your hand in mine, like this.  Listen, can you hear?  ’For and in behalf of,’... you and me....  It is done.  We are husband and wife.  You are mine for eternity, mine, mine....  O, Eternal Father, we thank Thee!”

David holds the fair form of his wife in his arms.  He kisses her cheeks, her eyes, her lips.  Then there is silence.


  Freedom waves her joyous pinions
    O’er a land, from sea to sea,
  Ransomed, righteous, and rejoicing
    In a world-wide jubilee.

  O’er a people happy, holy,
    Gifted now with heavenly grace,
  Free from every sordid fetter
    That enslaved a fallen race.

  Union, love, and fellow feeling
    Mark the sainted day of power;
  Rich and poor in all things equal,
    Righteousness their rock and tower.

  Mountain peaks of pride are leveled,
    Lifted up the lowly plain,
  Crookedness made straight, while crudeness
    Now gives way to culture’s reign.

  Now no tyrant’s sceptre saddens;
    Now no bigot’s power can bind. 
  Faith and work, alike unfettered,
    Win the goal by heaven designed.

  God, not mammon, hath the worship
    Of His people, pure in heart: 
  This is Zion—­oh, ye nations,
    Choose with her “the better part!”

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