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“What do you think of Lucifer and his plan?” asked she.

“The talented Son of the Morning is in danger of being cast out if he persists in his course.  As to his plan, it is this:  ’If I cannot rule, I will ruin.’”

“And if he rule, it will still be ruin, it seems to me.”

“True; and he is gaining power over many.”

“Yes; he has talked with me.  He is a bewitching person; but his fascination has something strange about it which I do not like.”

“I am glad of that.”

She looked quickly at him, and then they gazed again into each other’s eyes.

“By what name may I call you?” he asked.

“My name is Delsa.”

“Will you tell me where you live?  May I come and talk with you again?  It will give me much pleasure.”

“Which pleasure will be mutual,” said she.

They parted at the junction of two paths.


  “How art thou fallen from heaven, O, Lucifer, son of the
  morning.”—­Isaiah 14:12.

Never before in the experiences of the intelligences of heaven, had such dire events been foreshadowed.  A crisis was certainly at hand.  Lucifer was fast gaining influence among the spirits—­and they had their agency to follow whom they would.  The revolting spirit had skill in argument; and the light-minded, the discontented, and the rebellious were won over.

To be assured eternal glory and power without an effort on their part, appealed to them as something to be desired.  To be untrammeled with laws, to be free to act at pleasure, without jeopardizing their future welfare, certainly was an attractive proposition.  The pleasures in the body would be of a nature hitherto unknown.  Why not be free to enjoy them?  Why this curb on the passions and desires?  “Hail to Lucifer and his plan!  We will follow him.  He is in the right.”

Many of the mighty and noble children of God arrayed themselves on the side of Christ, their Elder Brother, and waged war against Lucifer’s pernicious doctrine.  One of the foremost among them was Michael.  He was unceasing in his efforts to bring all under the authority of the Father.  The plan which had been proposed, and which had been accepted by the majority, had been evolved from the wisdom of past eternities.  It had exalted worlds before.  It had been proved wise and just.  It was founded on correct principles.  By it only could the spiritual creation go on in its evolution to greater and to higher things.  It was the will of the Father, to whom they all owed their existence as progressive, spiritual organizations.  To bow to Him was no humiliation.  To honor and obey Him was their duty.  To follow the First Born, Him whom the Father had chosen as mediator, was no more than a Father should request.  Any other plan would lead to confusion.  Thus reasoned the followers of Christ.

Then there were others, not valiant in either cause, who stood on neutral ground.  Without strength of character to come out boldly, they aided neither the right nor the wrong.  Weak-minded as they were, they could not be trusted, nor could Lucifer win them over.

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