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Henrik and Marie lived happily together for twelve years, and then Marie was called into the spirit world.  Henrik was left with five children, the youngest but a few months old.  With ample means, he could obtain plenty of household help, but money could not buy a mother for his children.  A number of years went by, bringing to Henrik new and varied experiences.  Then on one of his visits to the West he found another helpmate for himself and children—­a kind-hearted, sweet-souled young woman, born of Danish parents, and reared among the Saints in the valleys of the mountains.  Then the westward call became so strong that Henrik disposed of most of his interests in Norway and moved with his family to America, taking up his abode in a town not far from Dry Bench.  Here they enjoyed the association of the Saints, and his children had the advantage of companionship of children of the faith.

Time, and the world with it, sped on.  Peace and prosperity came to the people of this story.  As years were added to years, their good works increased, until the Lord said to each of them, Enough.  Then in their own time and place, they passed into the Paradise of God.


  Ye worlds of light and life, beyond our sphere;
  Mysterious country!  Let your light appear. 
  Ye angels, lift the veil, the truth unfold,
  And give our seers a glimpse of that bright world;
  Tell where ye live, and what is your employ,
  Your present blessing, and your future joy. 
  Say, have you learned the name, and tuned the lyre,
  And hymn’d the praise of Him—­the great Messiah? 
  Have love’s emotions kindled in your breast,
  And hope, enraptured, seized the promised rest? 
  Or wait ye still the resurrection day,
  That higher promise of Millenial sway? 
  When Saints and angels come to earth again,
  And in the flesh with King Messiah reign? 
  The spirits answered as they soared away—­
  “We’re happy now, but wait a greater day,
  When sin and death, and hell, shall conquered be,
  And earth, with heaven enjoy the victory.”

  —­Parley P. Pratt.


  “They shall be gathered together as prisoners are gathered in the pit,
  and shall be shut up in prison, and after many days shall they be
  visited.”—­Isaiah 24:22.

The Lord God created all things “spiritually before they were naturally upon the earth.”  He created “every plant of the field before it was in the earth, every herb of the field before it grew.”  Before this “natural” creation “there was not yet flesh upon the earth, neither in the water, neither in the air;... but spiritually were they created and made according” to the word of God.  In this second or “natural” creation all things were clothed upon by earthly element, or in other words, the spiritual was materialized so that it became discernible to the natural senses.  The spiritual and the natural are, therefore, but different states of the same forms of life.  In the natural world there are men, women, beasts of the field, fowls of the air, and vegetation in boundless and varied forms.  These exist before the natural is added upon them; they exist after the natural is laid down by the death of the body.

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