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a whole world of matter, about which ye know nothing.  All things have their opposites.  Ye have partly a conception of good and evil, but the many branches into which these two principles sub-divide, cannot be understood by you.  Again, ye all have had the hope given you that at some time ye would have the opportunity to become like unto your parents, even to attain to a body of flesh and bones, a tabernacle with which ye may pass on to perfection, and inherit that which God inherits.  If, then, ye ever become creators and rulers, ye must first become acquainted with the existence of properties, laws, and organization of matter other than that which surround you in this estate.

“To be over all things, ye must have passed through all things, and have had experience with them.  It is now the Father’s pleasure to grant you this.  Ye who continue steadfast, shall be added upon, and be permitted to enter the second estate; and if ye abide in that, ye shall be further increased and enlarged and be worthy of the third estate, where glory shall be added upon your heads forever and ever.

“Even now, out in space, rolls another world—­with no definite form, and void; but God’s Spirit is there, moving upon it, and organizing the elements.  In time, it will be a fit abode for you.”

The voice ceased.  Majesty stood looking out upon the silent multitude.  Then glad hearts could contain no more, and the children of God gave a great shout of joy.  Songs of praise and gladness came from the mighty throng, and its music echoed through the realms of heaven!

Then silence fell once more.  The Voice was heard again: 

“Now, how, and upon what principles will your salvation, exaltation, and eternal glory be brought about?  It has been decided in the councils of eternity, and I will tell you.

“When the earth is prepared, two will be sent to begin the work of begetting bodies for you.  It needs be that a law be given these first parents.  This law will be broken, thus bringing sin into the new world.  Transgression is followed by punishment; and thus ye, when ye are born into the world, will come in contact with misery, pain, suffering, and death.  Ye will have a field for the exercise of justice and mercy, love and hatred.  Ye will suffer, but your suffering will be the furnace through which ye will be tested.  Ye will die, and your bodies will return to the earth again.  Surrounded by earthly influences, ye will sin.  Then, how can ye return to the Father’s presence, and regain your tabernacles?  Hear the plan: 

“One must be sent to the earth with power over death.  He will be the Son, the only begotten in the flesh.  He must be sinless, yet bear the sins of the world.  Being slain, He will satisfy the eternal law of justice.  He will go before and bring to pass the resurrection from the dead.  He will give unto you another law, obeying which, will free you from your personal sins, and set you again on the way of eternal life.  Thus will your agency still be yours, that ye may act in all things as ye will.”

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