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  Far out in space where there is ample room
  And where primeval element abounds,
  This Father has been working, and still works,
  Fashioning a world on which to place
  His children.  Without proper form, and void,
  In the beginning, this new world has passed
  From one stage to another, until now
  It rolls in space, an orb in beauty clad,
  A world on which a human race may dwell. 
  This Father to his children thus doth speak: 
  “The time has come for you to leave this home—­
  This first estate, and take another step
  Along progression’s path.  A new-formed world
  Is ready to receive you, and to clothe
  You in another body.  You will then
  Learn many things you cannot here receive. 
  A veil will then be drawn before your eyes
  That you will be unable to look back
  To us.  Alone you’ll have to stand; be tried
  To see if faithful you will still remain. 
  There’s darkness in that world; and sin will come
  And pain and suffering such as now you know
  Not of.  But these will only clearly show
  How good is righteousness, and how much more
  To be desired the light than darkness is. 
  Yet, you shall not be wholly left alone;
  My ministering angels shall keep watch,
  And near you all the time my power shall be,
  To help you in your direst hours of need. 
  My sons and daughters, as you now do live
  Within your Father’s ever-watchful care,
  Know this that always shall his loving arm
  Extended be to you; the Father-heart
  And Mother-heart eternally do yearn
  And feel for you in sorrow or in pain. 
  Where’er you are, you’re still within my reach. 
  If you’ll but turn to me, I’ll hear your cries
  And answer you in my good time and place. 
  Go forth as you are called, the lessons learn
  Of earthly school; fear only sin; abide
  By law, nor seek to be a law unto
  Yourselves, for by eternal law the worlds
  Are formed, redeemed, and brought to perfectness,
  Together with all flesh which on them live. 
  Go forth.  Be worthy to come back again
  And be partakers of all heights and depths,
  Things present, things to come, yea, life or death,
  And it shall be my pleasure to bestow
  Upon you all there is eternally.”

    Joy fills this Father’s children, and with one
      United voice of gladness do they sing: 
    “Thanks, Father, kind and good for what you’ve done;
      Thanks for the added blessings which you bring. 
    O glorious, wond’rous truth that we have found: 
      The course of Gods’ is one eternal round!”

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