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  A woman, one of heaven’s queens, a wife,
  A mother to his children of the Earth,
  And yet to be a mother of a race. 
  Her beauty rare surpasses power of words. 
  Her purity, her sweetly gentle ways
  Rest as a crown of glory on her brow. 
  Her love transcendent fills his heart with joy,
  And now he fully realizes that
  “The woman is the glory of the man.”

  Here in thy Home, O Woman all divine,
  Thy measure of creation thou doest fill! 
  Intelligences come from out the womb
  Of Time, into thine own; thence are they born
  With spirit bodies, to thy loving care. 
  Now thou art Mother, and doest know in full
  A mother’s joy—­a joy untinged by pain,
  And with thy Husband thou hast now become
  Creator, fellow worker with thy Lord. 
  Celestial Father, Mother at the head
  Of parentage they stand, the perfect type
  Of that eternal principle of sex
  Found in all nature, making possible
  For every living thing to multiply
  And bring increase of being of its kind. 
  In this celestial world, the fittest have
  Survived.  To them alone the pow’r is given
  To propagate their kind.  ’Twas wisely planned. 
  The race of Gods must not deteriorate. 
  Thus everlasting increase is denied
  To those who have not reached perfection’s plane. 
  Herein is justice, wisdom all-divine,
  That every child born into spirit world
  Has perfect parentage, thus equal chance
  Is given all to reach the highest goal,
  And win the race which runs up through the worlds.

  And children fill the household of these Two—­
  And children bring perpetual youth, renew
  The tender sentiments, and firmly knit
  The heart of Father, Mother close in one. 
  Thus do they work, and thus they follow in
  The footsteps of their Father; and they spread
  Out o’er the land of their inheritance. 
  Masters of all, joint owners of the spheres,
  Eternal increase of eternal lives
  Is theirs; and this their work and glory is
  To bring to pass the immortality
  And life eternal to the race of men.


  Time passes as an ever-flowing stream. 
  The many mansions teem with offspring fair,—­
  The spirit children of this heavenly world. 
  Varied are they, as human beings are
  In form, in likes, in capabilities. 
  Here love, combined with justice, rules;
  Here truth is taught, the right and wrong are shown;
  Yet agency is given all, and they
  May choose the way selected by desire. 
  Thus some more faithful are than others, and
  Advance more rapidly along the great
  Highway that leads among the shining stars.

  Time passes,—­and the time has fully come
  When spirits must be clothed upon with flesh,
  Must follow in the footsteps of their Sire,
  Must go to mortal earth and there work out
  Their soul’s salvation in the self-same way
  That all perfected beings once have done.

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