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  And now they learn the things they could not know
  On mortal earth.  They learn the secrets of
  All things that are in space above, or in
  The Earth beneath:  the elements which form
  The air that man did breathe, and where obtained,
  And how composed.  They learn of primal rocks,
  Foundations of the new-formed worlds in space,
  And how these worlds evolve into abodes
  For man.  The source of light and heat and power
  They find, and grasp the laws by which they may
  Be rightly used and perfectly controlled. 
  And then, most precious gift! they learn of life: 
  What makes the grass to grow, what gives the flowers
  Their fragrance and their many-colored hues. 
  They comprehend all life in moving forms,—­
  In worm, in insect, fish, and bird, and beast;
  And knowing this, they have the power to draw
  Life from its store-house, and to make it serve
  The highest good in never-ending ways.


  The truth has made these holy beings free. 
  They having overcome all evil powers,
  Unfettered now they are and free to go
  Where’er they wish within the heavenly spheres. 
  They’re not alone on this perfected world,
  Here other children of the Father dwell,
  Who also have obeyed celestial law. 
  All these are of the Father’s household, and
  Are numbered with the just and true, of whom
  ’Tis written, “They are God’s,” and they shall dwell
  Forever in the presence of their God.

  What bliss to mingle with such company! 
  To taste the joys of friendships perfected,
  And feel to fulness that sweet brother-love
  Which binds in one the noble race of Gods!

  And other worlds may now be visited;
  For end there’s none to matter and to space. 
  Infinitude holds kingdoms, great and small,—­
  Worlds upon worlds, redeemed and glorified,
  And peopled with the children of our God,
  Who also have evolved from lower things. 
  What opening visions here for knowledge rare! 
  What sciences, what laws, what history! 
  What stories of God’s love in other worlds! 
  Exhaustless themes for poets’ sweetest songs;
  For painters, sculptors, every science, art
  Has never-ending fields of pure delight. 
  To them “the universe its incense brings”—­
  Distilled from all the sweetness of the spheres.


  Earth’s loveliest flow’r, the love ’tween man and wife,
  Transplanted is to this most holy sphere. 
  Through all the toiling years of earth-life, it
  Had grown; and now, instead of dying with
  The mortal death, its roots are firmly fixed
  In the eternal soil of Glory-land. 
  And blessed man! now at his side there stands

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