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  Make them of whatsoe’er their hearts’ desire;
  For gold and silver, precious stones and woods,
  And fabrics rare, and stuffs of every hue,
  All plentiful in Nature’s store-house lie,
  For them to freely draw upon and use. 
  Masters of all the elements are they;
  And Nature’s forces are at their command.

  The man and woman, in the Lord made one,
  Eternally are wedded man and wife. 
  These now together make their plans, and build
  A lovely, spacious home wherein to dwell,
  A place for work, for rest, for new-found joys,
  A peaceful habitation, one beyond
  The power of evil ever to destroy.


    In their primeval childhood—­first estate—­
  These once had lived within their Father’s home. 
  Out from that home they had been sent to Earth
  To have their spirit bodies clothed upon
  With element, to come in contact with
  Conditions which were needful for their growth,
  And learn the lessons of mortality. 
  There they had overcome temptation’s wiles,
  There had obeyed the gospel of their Lord
  And worked out their salvation by its power.

    These two had met and mated, had fulfilled
  The first great law:  “Give bodies clean and strong
  To Father’s spirit-children from above.” 
  The time allotted they had lived on Earth,
  Had died the mortal death, had gone into
  The spirit world; from there they had come forth
  With resurrected bodies from the grave. 
  Thus they had kept their first and second estates,
  And now were counted worthy to receive
  Their portion ’mong the exalted ones of God.


  Celestial man and woman now do live
  The perfect life; for every faculty
  Of heart and brain is put to highest use. 
  The appetites and passions purged are
  From dross that fallen nature with them mixed. 
  The will is master now, and every sense
  Is under absolute control, and gives
  Perfected service to perfected souls.

  These two have come into their very own. 
  They walk by sight; and yet the eye of faith
  Sweeps out to future time and distant space
  And leads them on and on.  They lay their plans
  And execute these plans to perfectness. 
  Eternal Glory-land is their abode,
  So beautifully clothed in Nature’s best,
  And basking in the pleasing smile of God;
  No need of light of sun or moon or stars;
  The glory of the Father and the Son
  Eclipses all such lights of lesser ray. 
  Although with godlike powers they rule and reign,
  Yet are they Father’s children, and to Him
  All loving honor and obedience give. 
  And then that Elder Brother who has done
  So much for all, He also here abides,—­
  The Savior of the world and souls of men,
  The Lord of lords, the King of all the Earth,
  Yet ever-present Comforter and Friend.

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