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“It is time to go,” said Rupert.

In a few moments they had changed their clothing, and with the speed of thought, they were within the Temple grounds.  Entering, they took their places.  Volmer passed, and he paused to speak to them.  Soon the hall was filled.

The Lord of Life and Light was there, and lent of His light to the scene.

Brilliancy pervaded everything, shone from everything.  It was not the sun, there being no dazzle; it was not the moon, but a clearness as of noonday.  The whole Temple shed forth a lustre as if it were built of some celestial substance.  The marble, the precious stones, the gold, seemed changed into light—­light, pure, calm, and consolidated into form.  It radiated from the throne, and from Him who sat upon it.  “Around His head was as the colors of the rainbow, and under His feet was a paved work of pure gold in color like amber.”

Hark! the music!  How it fills the Temple, how it thrills the souls assembled.  A thousand instruments blend in exquisite harmony, ten thousand voices join in the song: 

  “The earth hath travailed and brought forth her strength,
  And truth is established in her bowels;
  And the heavens have smiled upon her;
  And she is clothed with the glory of her God;
  For He stands in the midst of His people. 
  Glory, and honor, and power, and might
  Be ascribed to our God; for He is full of mercy,
  Justice, grace, and truth, and peace,
      Forever and ever, Amen.”


The rise of man is endless.  Be in hope. 
All stars are gathered in his horoscope. 
The brute man of the planet, he will pass,
Blown out like forms of vapor on a glass. 
And from this quaking pulp of life will rise
The superman, child of the higher skies. 
Immortal, he will break the ancient bars,
Laugh and reach out his hands among the stars.

                                                —­Edwin Markham.


Old things have passed away, all now are new;
Its measure of creation Earth has filled;
The law of a celestial kingdom it
Has kept, transgressed not the law;
Yea, notwithstanding it has died, it has
Been quickened once again; and it abides
The power by which that quick’ning has been done. 
Wherefore, it now is sanctified from all
Unrighteousness, and crowned with glory, e’en
The presence of the Father and the Son.

  Immortal Earth on wings of glory rolls,
  Shines like unto a crystal sea of glass
  And fire, whereon all things are manifest: 
  Past, present, future,—­all are clear to those
  Who live upon this glorious orb of God.

  Upon this globe, God’s children glorified
  Are no more strangers, wand’ring to and fro
  As weary pilgrims; now they have received
  Possessions everlasting on the Earth—­
  A portion of a glorified domain
  On which to build and multiply and spread—­
  A part of Earth to call always their own. 
  Eternal mansions may they now erect: 

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