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Now I found that I was so situated that I could not well be seen from the fire, or even from the rock above it, while I, by moving my head a little, could see both quite clearly.  After this as the last reflection from the sunk sun faded, the darkness increased until nothing remained visible except the fire and the massive outline of the rock behind.  The silence was complete, for none of the Council spoke.  They were so still that they might have been dead, so still that a beetle suddenly booming past me made me start as though it had been a bullet.  The general impression was almost mesmeric.  I felt as though I were going to sleep and yet my mind remained painfully awake, so that I was able to think things out.

I understood clearly that the body of men to my left had come together to decide whether there should be peace or war; that there were divisions of opinion among them; that the king was ready to follow the party which should prove itself the strongest, but that the real voice of decision would speak from behind that fire.  It was the case of the Delphic Oracle over again with a priest instead of a priestess, and what a priest!

It was evident to me also that Zikali, who knew human nature, and especially savage human nature, had arranged all this with a view to scenic and indeed supernatural effect.  Moreover, he had done it very well, since I knew myself that in this place and hour words and occurrences would affect me deeply at which I should have laughed in the sunlight and open plain.  Already the Zulus were affected, for I could hear the teeth of some of them chattering, and Goza began to shiver at my side.  He muttered that it was cold, and lied for the donga was extremely hot and stuffy.

At length the silver radiance of the moon spread itself on the high curtain of the dark.  Then the edge of her orb appeared above the hill and an arrow of white light fell into the little valley.  It struck upon and about the jutting rock, revealing a misshapen, white-headed figure squatted between its base and the fire, the figure of Zikali.



None had seen or heard him come, and though doubtless he had but crept round the rock and taken his place in the darkness, there appeared to be something mysterious about this sudden appearance of Zikali.  So the Zulu nobles thought at any rate, for they uttered a low “Ow!” of fear and wonder.

There he sat like a huge ape staring at the sky, for the firelight shone on his deep and burning eyes.  The moonlight increased, but now and again it was broken by little clouds which caused strange shadows to appear about the rock.  Some of these shadows looked as though veiled figures were approaching the wizard, bending over him and departing again, after giving him their message or counsel.

“His Spirits visit him,” whispered Goza, but I made no answer.

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