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   XV Wherein Harry and Abe Ride Up to Springdale and Visit Kelso’s and
       Learn of the Curious Lonesomeness of Eliphalet Biggs

  XVI Wherein Young Mr. Lincoln Safely Passes Two Great Danger Points
       and Turns into the Highway of His Manhood


 XVII Wherein Young Mr. Lincoln Betrays Ignorance of Two Highly
       Important Subjects, in Consequence of Which He Begins to Suffer
       Serious Embarrassment

XVIII In Which Mr. Lincoln, Samson and Harry Take a Long Ride Together
       and the Latter Visit the Flourishing Little City of Chicago

  XIX Wherein Is One of the Many Private Panics Which Followed the
       Bursting of the Bubble of Speculation

   XX Which Tells of the Settling of Abe Lincoln and the Traylors in the
       Village of Springfield and of Samson’s Second Visit to Chicago

  XXI Wherein a Remarkable School of Political Science Begins Its
       Sessions in the Rear of Joshua Speed’s Store.  Also at Samson’s
       Fireside Honest Abe Talks of the Authority of the Law and the
       Right of Revolution, and Later Brings a Suit against Lionel Davis

 XXII Wherein Abe Lincoln Reveals His Method of Conducting a Lawsuit in
       the Case of Henry Brimstead et al. vs.  Lionel Davis

XXIII Which Presents the Pleasant Comedy of Individualism in the New
       Capital, and the Courtship of Lincoln and Mary Todd

 XXIV Which Describes a Pleasant Holiday and a Pretty Stratagem

  XXV Being a Brief Memoir by the Honorable and Venerable Man Known in
       These Pages as Josiah Traylor, Who Saw the Great Procession of
       Events between Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson and Especially
       the Making and the End of Lincoln




Which describes the journey of Samson Henry Traylor and his wife and
their two children and their dog Sambo through the Adirondack wilderness
in 1831 on their way to the land of plenty, and especially their
adventures in bear valley and no Santa Claus landFurthermore, it
describes the soaping of the Brimsteads and the capture of the veiled

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