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    I Which Describes the Journey of Samson Henry Traylor and His Wife
       and Their Two Children and Their Dog Sambo through the Adirondack
       Wilderness in 1831 on Their Way to the Land of Plenty, and
       Especially Their Adventures in Bear Valley and No Santa Claus
       Land.  Furthermore, It Describes the Soaping of the Brimsteads and
       the Capture of the Veiled Bear

   II Wherein Is Recorded the Vivid Impression Made upon the Travelers
       by Their View of a Steam Engine and of the Famous Erie Canal. 
       Wherein, Also, Is a Brief Account of Sundry Curious Characters Met
       on the Road and at a Celebration of the Fourth of July on the Big

  III Wherein the Reader Is Introduced to Offut’s Store and His Clerk
       Abe, and the Scholar Jack Kelso and His Cabin and His Daughter
       Bim, and Gets a First Look at Lincoln

   IV Which Presents Other Log Cabin Folk and the First Steps in the
       Making of a New Home and Certain Incapacities of Abe

    V In Which the Character of Bim Kelso Flashes Out in a Strange
       Adventure that Begins the Weaving of a Long Thread of Romance

   VI Which Describes the Lonely Life in a Prairie Cabin and a Stirring
       Adventure on the Underground Railroad about the Time It Began

  VII In Which Mr. Eliphalet Biggs Gets Acquainted with Bim Kelso and
       Her Father

 VIII Wherein Abe Makes Sundry Wise Remarks to the Boy Harry and
       Announces His Purpose to Be a Candidate for the Legislature at
       Kelso’s Dinner Party

   IX In Which Bim Kelso Makes History, While Abe and Harry and Other
       Good Citizens of New Salem Are Making an Effort to that End in the
       Indian War


    X In Which Abe and Samson Wrestle and Some Raiders Come to Burn and
       Stay to Repent

   XI In Which Abe, Elected to the Legislature, Gives What Comfort He
       Can to Ann Rutledge in the Beginning of Her Sorrows.  Also He Goes
       to Springfield for New Clothes and Is Astonished by Its Pomp and
       the Change in Eli

  XII Which Continues the Romance of Abe and Ann until the Former Leaves
       New Salem to Begin His Work in the Legislature.  Also It Describes
       the Coloneling of Peter Lukins

 XIII Wherein the Route of the Underground Railroad Is Surveyed and
       Samson and Harry Spend a Night in the Home of Henry Brimstead and
       Hear Surprising Revelations, Confidentially Disclosed, and Are
       Charmed by the Personality of His Daughter Annabel

  XIV In Which Abe Returns from Vandalia and Is Engaged to Ann, and
       Three Interesting Slaves Arrive at the Home of Samson Traylor,
       Who, with Harry Needles, Has an Adventure of Much Importance on
       the Underground Road

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