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John the Baptist was sent or commissioned to baptize with water and the Holy Spirit once descended as John baptized with water.[45]

The apostles were commissioned to go preach the Gospel after they should be endued with power from on high.[46]

We read that the Holy Spirit descended as the apostles preached the Gospel. [47] Neither the apostles nor disciples were ever commissioned to baptize with water; and so far as we read, the Holy Spirit never descended as they did baptize with water.


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From the writings of Grotius we gather that some ancients baptized with water in memory of the world being saved from the waters of the deluge.

Bancroft says:  It is related by all the old Spanish historians that when the Spaniards first visited Yucatan they found baptism administered to both sexes between the ages of three and twelve:  It was the duty of all to have their children baptized, for by this ablution they believed they received a purer nature and were protected against evil spirits and misfortune.  None could marry without it.[48]

Some baptised their children with ceremonies, which in many points resembled those in use among Christians.[49]

Smith in his Bible dictionary[50] says:  It is well known that ablution or bathing was common in most ancient nations as a preparation for prayers and sacrifice or as expiatory of sin.

There is a natural connection in the mind between the thought of physical and spiritual pollution.  In warm countries this connection is probably closer than in colder climates; hence the frequency of ablution in the religious rites of the East.

The history of Israel and the law of Moses abound with such lustrations.  The consecration of the high priest deserves special notice.  It was first by baptism then by unction and lastly by sacrifice.

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