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Were not these scattered strangers of many lands baptized with the Holy Spirit through Gospel preaching as Christ intended when he commissioned his disciples to go teach all nations, baptizing?

By Paul’s ministry the Thessalonians received the Gospel with power and with the Holy Spirit.[246]

Paul preached to the Corinthians; not with the enticing words of man’s wisdom but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.[247]

As Christ commissioned his apostles so Paul preached with power from on high.[248]

As Peter preached to the household of Cornelius the Holy Spirit fell upon all who heard.[249]

This household of Cornelius to whom Peter preached, the Thessalonians and Corinthians to whom Paul preached and the scattered strangers who received the Gospel with the Holy Spirit sent down from Heaven and hosts more not mentioned were all baptized with the Holy Spirit through Gospel preaching as Christ intended when he commanded his apostles.

Go teach all nations, baptizing.[250]

Go preach the Gospel to every creature.[251]

Preach among all nations.[252]

As my Father hath sent me even so I send you.[253]

Ye shall be witnesses unto me to the uttermost parts of the earth.[254]

Preach unto the people.[255]

Preach the Gospel.[256]

But tarry ye at Jerusalem until endued with power from on high.[257]

Wait in Jerusalem for the promise of the Father which said he ye have heard of me.[258]

How very weak it seems and how entirely foreign to even think of water in connection with these last words of our Saviour.

He is indeed with his dependent children in this our day.  While he baptizes them with the Holy Spirit immediately he also uses many and varied means and instruments.

Upon servants and handmaidens the Holy Spirit is now poured out as foretold by the prophet Joel and by John the Baptist and promised by Christ.[259]

Sons and daughters do now prophecy with power from on high.

We admire and wonder as did Peter at this baptizing power.[260]

We remember the word of the Lord how he said John indeed baptized with water.[261]

But ye shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit.[262]


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