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We have no record that our Saviour ever taught any such doctrines.

Grace is mentioned in the New Testament more than one hundred times but water baptism is never once alluded to in connection with Grace in any way whatever.

We cannot believe that our Saviour ordained water baptism as a means or sign of Grace to his children forever, when neither He nor his disciples ever mentioned it or even remotely alluded to it—­so far as Scripture informs—­in all of those one hundred texts wherein Grace is so variously and impressively commended to us.

We are forced to believe that this whole theory of baptismal grace was conceived by man; was modified by the reformation and now might be entirely abandoned as adverse to the teachings of Christ and repugnant to sound reason.


Some assume that Christ, by his apostles and disciples, instituted water baptism as the Christian successor of Jewish circumcision.  Scripture testimony conflicts with this assumption.  “The Acts of the Apostles” indicate that these apostles were mostly tenacious of Jewish customs and only gradually comprehended the universal and spiritual nature of Christ’s kingdom in its noon-day brightness.

They looked for a Jewish kingdom with Christ as earthly king, and of course to retain in some way their existing customs.[162] They called all who were not Jews, uncircumcised Gentiles.  But few of the apostles would sit at table with Gentiles or eat in their houses.[163]

Peter required a vision before preaching the Gospel to Gentiles, and gave as his reason for hesitation that it was unlawful for Jews to keep company or come unto those of another nation.[164]

Other apostles censured Peter for making the freedom with Gentiles which he sometimes did.[165] Some insisted that Gentile converts to Christianity be circumcised.[166]

Some taught:  Except ye be circumcised ye cannot be saved.[167]

Gentile converts at Antioch resisted circumcision.[168]

Paul pleaded the Gentile cause before the elders and apostles at

After much questioning Gentile converts to Christianity were excused from circumcision but no others were excused.[170] Jews were reminded that Moses was preached and read to them in the Jewish Synagogue every Sabbath day.[171]

This reminder in connection with the subject before them indicates that Jews were expected to continue as heretofore to circumcise their children according to the law of Moses which was preached and read to them in the Jewish Synagogue every Sabbath day.[172]

These elders and apostles know nothing about water baptism, being the Christian successor of Jewish circumcision or they would surely have instructed the Gentiles to this effect when they excused them from circumcision.  Their silence upon this opportune occasion and at all other times is decided evidence that there was no such succession.[173]

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