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His Royal Highness Prince Albert, who has occasionally displayed a knowledge and much liking for the Fine Arts, some time since expressed an intimation to display his ability in sketching landscape from nature.  The Royal Academicians immediately assembled en masse; and as they wisely imagined that it would be impolitic in them to let an opportunity slip of not being the very foremost in the direction of matters connected with royalty and their profession, offered, or rather thrust forward, their services to arrange the landscape according to the established rules of art laid down by this self-elected body of the professors of the beauties of nature.  St. James’s-park, within the enclosure, having been hinted as the nearest and most suitable spot for the royal essay, the Academicians were in active service at an early hour of the appointed day:  some busied themselves in making foreground objects, by pulling down trees and heaping stones together from the neighbouring macadamized stores; others were most fancifully spotting the trees with whitewash and other mixtures, in imitation of moss and lichens.  The classical Howard was awfully industrious in grouping some swans, together with several kind-hearted ladies from the adjoining purlieus of Tothill-street, who had been most willingly secured as models for water-nymphs.  The most rabidly-engaged gentleman was Turner, who, despite the remonstrances of his colleagues upon the expense attendant upon his whimsical notions, would persist in making the grass more natural by emptying large buckets of treacle and mustard about the ground.  Another old gentleman, whose name we cannot at this moment call to recollection, spent the whole of his time in placing “a little man a-fishing,” that having been for many years his fixed belief as the only illustration of the pastoral and picturesque.  In the meantime, to their utter disappointment, however, his Royal Highness quietly strolled with his sketch-book into another quarter.

* * * * *


Mr. Briefless begs to inform the public and his friends in general, that he has opened chambers in Pump-court.—­N.B.  Please to go down the area steps.

In consequence of the general pressure for money, Mr. Briefless has determined to do business at the following very reduced scale of prices; and flatters himself, that having been very long a member of a celebrated debating society, he will be found to possess the qualities so essential to a legal advocate.

  Motions of cause, 6s. 6d.—­Usual charge, 10s. 5d. 
  Undefended actions, (from) 15s.—­Usually (from) 2l. 2s. 
  Actions for breach of promise (from) 1l. 1s.—­Usually (from) 5l. 5s. to 500l. 
  Ditto, with appeals to the feelings, (from) 3l. 3s. 
  Ditto, ditto, very superior, 5l. 5s. 
  Ditto, with tirades against the law (a highly approved mixture), 3l. 3s.

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