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  Two Stewarts, two Fellowes, a Clerk, and a Baillie,
  To keep order, yet each call’d to order are, daily. 
  A Duke, without dukedom—­a matter uncommon—­
  And Bowes, the delight, the enchantment of woman. 
  This house has a Tennent, but ask for the rent of it,
  He’d laugh at, and send you to Brussels or Ghent for it. 
  Of the animals properly call’d so, a sample
  We’ll give to you gentlefolks now, for example:—­
  There are bores beyond count, of all ages and sizes,
  Yet only one Hogg, who both learned and wise is. 
  There’s a Buck and a Roebuck, the latter a wicked one,
  Whom few like to play with—­he makes such a kick at one. 
  There are Hawkes and a Heron, with wings trimm’d to fly upon,
  And claws to stick into what prey they set eye upon. 
  There’s a Fox, a smart cove, but, poor fellow, no tail he has;
  And a Bruen—­good tusks for a feed we’ll be bail he has. 
  There’s a Seale, and four Martens, with skins to our wishes;
  There’s a Rae and two Roches, and all sorts of fishes;
  There’s no sheep, but a Sheppard—­“the last of the pigtails”—­
  And a Ramsbottom—­chip of the old famous big tails. 
  Now to mention in brief a few trifles extraneous,
  By connoisseurs class’d, “odds and ends miscellaneous:”—­
  There’s a couple of Bells—­frights—­nay, Hottentots real! 
  A Trollope, of elegance le beau ideal
  Of Browne, Green, and Scarlett men, surely a sack or more,
  Besides three whole White men, preserved with a Blakemore
  There’s a Hill, and a Hutt, and a Kirk, and—­astounding! 
  The entire of old Holland this house to be found in. 
  There’s a Flower, with a perfume so strong ’twould upset ye all;
  And the beauty of Somers is here found perpetual. 
  There’s a Bodkin, a Patten, a Rose, and a Currie,
  And a man that’s still Hastie, though ne’er in a hurry. 
  There is Cole without smoke, a “sou’-West” without danger;
  And a Grey, that to place is at present a stranger. 
  There’s a Peel,—­but enough! if you’re a virtuoso
  You’ll see for yourself, and next month you may do so;
  When, if you don’t say this New House is a wonder,
  We’re Dutchmen—­that’s all!—­and at once knuckle under.

* * * * *


  The Tories at Waterford carried the day,
    And the reign of the Rads is for ever now past;
  For one who was Wyse he got out of the way,
    And the hopes of the other proved Barron at last.

* * * * *

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