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  The Maiden’s-blush Rose—­and she seem’d all dismay’d,
    Array’d in her white Lady’s-smock,
  She call’d Mignonette—­but the sly little jade,
  That instant was hearing a sweet serenade
    From the lips of a tall Hollyhock.

  The Pheasant’s eye, always a mischievous wight,
    For prying out something not good,
  Avow’d that he peep’d through the keyhole that night;
  And clearly discern’d, by a glow-worm’s pale light,
    Their Two-faces-under-a-hood.

  Old Dowager Peony, deaf as a door,
    Who wish’d to know more of the facts,
  Invited Dame Mustard and Miss Hellebore,
  With Miss Periwinkle, and many friends more,
    One evening to tea and to tracts.

  The Butter-cups ranged, defamation ran high,
    While every tongue join’d the debate;
  Miss Sensitive said, ’twixt a groan and a sigh,
  Though she felt much concern’d—­yet she thought her dear Vi—­
    Had grown rather bulbous of late.

  Thus the tale spread about through the busy parterre: 
    Miss Columbine turn’d up her nose,
  And the prude Lady Lavender said, with a stare,
  That her friend, Mary-gold, had been heard to declare,
    The creature had toy’d with the Rose.

  Each Sage look’d severe, and each Cocks-comb look’d gay,
    When Daffy to make their mind easy,
  Miss Violet married one morning in May,
  And, as sure as you live, before next Lady-day,
    She brought him a Michaelmas-daisy.

* * * * *


The Duke of Normandie accounts for the non-explosion of his percussion-shells, by the fact of having incautiously used some of M’Culloch’s pamphlets on the corn laws.  If this be the case, no person can be surprised at their not going off.

* * * * *


The anxiety of the Whigs to repeal the timber duties is quite pardonable, for, with their wooden heads, they doubtlessly look upon it in the light of a poll-tax.

* * * * *

[Illustration:  Head of a Botecudo previous to disfigurement.]

[Illustration:  Head of a Butecudo disfigured by chin and ear pendants.]

[Illustration:  Head of a Botecudo disfigured by civilisation.]


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