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“What motive?”

“I don’t know that.  But, old fellow, listen to me.  I’m a man of the world, and have seen something of life; and I’ll stake my honour and experience that that fellow means to do you; so be advised, and—­’Take care of him!’”

This was too much.  I rushed out almost mad, and demanded an apology, or satisfaction—­the latter alternative was chosen.  Oh, how my blood boiled!  I should either fall, or, at length, by thus chastising the impertinent, put an end to the many meaning and hateful words.

We met; the ground was measured.  I thought for a moment of the sin of shedding human blood, and compressed my lips.  A moment I wavered; but the voice of my opponent’s second whispering, “Take care of him,” once more nerved my heart and arm.  My adversary’s bullet whistled past my ear:  he fell—­hit through the shoulder.  He was carried to his carriage.  I left the ground, glad that I had chastised him, but released to find the wound was not mortal.  I felt as if in Heaven this act would free me from the worldly ban.  A week after, I met one of my old friends; he introduced me by name to his father.  The old gentleman started for a moment, then exclaimed—­“You know my feeling, Sir—­you are a duellist!  Tom, ’Take care of him!’”

* * * * *



Vier Elemente                       Four be the elements,
Innig gesellt,                      Here we assemble ’em,
Bilden das Leben                    Each of man’s world
Bauen die Welt.                      And existence an emblem.
Presst der Citrone                  Press from the lemon
Saftigen Stern!                      The slow flowing juices. 
Herb ist des Lebens                 Bitter is life
Innerster Kern.                      In its lessons and uses.
Jetzt mit des Zuckers               Bruise the fair sugar lumps,—­
Linderndem Saft                     Nature intended
Zaehmet die herbe                    Her sweet and severe
Brennende Kraft!                     To be everywhere blended.
Gieszet des Wassers                 Pour the still water—­
Sprudelnden Schwall!                 Unwarning by sound,
Wasser umfaenget                     Eternity’s ocean
Ruhig das All!                       Is hemming us round!
Tropfen des Geistes                 Mingle the spirit,
Gieszet hinein!                      The life of the bowl;
Leben dem Leben                     Man is an earth-clod
Gibt er allein.                      Unwarmed by a soul!
Eh’ es verdueftet                   Drink of the stream
Schoepfet es schnell!                Ere its potency goes! 
Nur wann er gluehet                 No bath is refreshing
Labet der Quell.                     Except while it glows!

* * * * *

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