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Ideas convertible in cons., puns, and epigrams, always on hand.

Laughs taught in six lessons.

A treatise on leading subjects for experienced jokers just completed.

A large volume of choice sells will be put up by Mr. George Robins on the 1st of April next, unless previously disposed of by private contract.

N.B.—­Well worthy the attention of sporting and other punsters.

Also a choice cachinatory chronicle, entitled “How to Laugh, and what to
Laugh at.”

For further particulars apply to Messrs. Gag and Gammon, new and second-hand depot for gentlemen’s left-off facetiae, Monmouth-street; and at their West-end establishment, opposite the Black Doll, and next door to Mr. Catnach, Seven-dials.

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  Let Bulwer and Stephens write epics like mad,
    With lofty hexameters grapplin’,
  My theme is as good, though my verse be as bad,
    For ’tis all about Ellena Chaplin!

  As lovely a nymph as the rhapsodist sees
    To inspire his romantical nap.  Lin
  Ne’er saw such a charming celestial Chinese
    “Maid of Honour” as Ellena Chaplin.

  O Yates! let us give thee due credit for this:—­
    Thou hast an infallible trap lain—­
  For mouths cannot hiss, when they long for a kiss;
    As thou provest—­with Ellena Chaplin.

  E’en the water wherein (in “Die Hexen am Rhein”)
    She dives (in an elegant wrap-lin-
  Sey-woolsey, I guess) seems bewitch’d into wine,
    When duck’d in by Ellena Chaplin.

  A fortunate blade will be he can persuade
    This nymph to some church or some chap’l in,—­
  And change to a wife the most beautiful Maid
    Of the theatre—­Ellena Chaplin!

* * * * *


The active and speculative Alderman Humphrey, being always ready to turn a penny, has entered into a contract to supply a tribe of North American Indians with second-hand wearing apparel during the ensuing winter.  In pursuance of this object he applied yesterday at the Court of Chancery to purchase the “530 suits, including 40 removed from the ‘Equity Exchequer,’ which occupy the cause list for the present term.”  Upon the discovery of his mistake the Alderman wisely determined on

[Illustration:  GOING TO BRIGHTEN.]

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FORGET-ME-NOT Dedicated to the “Irish Pisantry.”  By
Mayor Dan O’Connell. 
FRIENDSHIP’S OFFERING Dedicated by Mr. Roebuck to the Times
THE BOOK OF BEAUTY Edited by Col.  Sibthorp and Mr. Muntz. 
THE JUVENILE ANNUAL Edited by the Queen, and dedicated to
Prince Albert

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