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attacked, in the House of Lords, the Ministerial plan of finance, and their silence as to the future [Mr. Sancho bull and his state physician], and invited the duke of Wellington to bring forward a measure for an alteration of the Corn Laws, promising him a full House if he would do so.  The Duke declined the invitation, as he never announced an intention which he did not entertain, and he had not considered the operation of the Corn Laws sufficiently to bring forward a scheme for the alteration of them.  This statement led on a subsequent evening to an intimation from the duke of Wellington, in reply to the Earl of Radnor, that a consideration of the Corn Laws was only declined “at the present time.”  On the 7th of October Parliament was prorogued until November 11th, the Lords Commissioners being the lord chancellor, the duke of Wellington, the duke of Buckingham, the Earl of shaftesbury, and lord Wharncliffe.

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Hume’s terminology.—­Defeat at Leeds.

W. Beckett            2076
W. Aldam              2043
T. Hume               2033
viscount Jocelyn      1926

Lessons in punmanship.—­Thomas hood, the distinguished Poet and Wit, died May 3, 1845.

Court circular.—­Master Jones, better known as the “Boy Jones,” was a sweep who obtained admission on more than one occasion to Buckingham Palace in a very mysterious manner.  He gave great trouble to the authorities, and was at length sent into the Royal Navy.

Mrs. Lilly was the nurse of the princess royal.

Mr. Moreton Dyer, a stipendiary Magistrate, removed from the Commons on a charge of bribing electors.

A public conveyance.—­The marquis of Waterford was then a man about town, and frequently before the public in connection with some extravagance.

The black-balled of the united service” refers to proceedings connected with the Earl of cardigan.  Exception had been taken to the introduction of black bottles at the mess-table at Brighton, and a duel was subsequently fought by lord cardigan and Mr. Harvey Tuckett.

An ode.—­Kilpack’s Divan, now the American Bowling Alley, in King Street, Covent Garden, continues to be the resort of minor celebrities.  As the club was a private one, we do not feel justified in more plainly indicating the members referred to as the “jocal nine.”

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