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Our kind friend the indefatigable “correspondent” of the Observer, informs us from authority upon which every reliance may be placed, that Mr. Grant, the indefatigable statist and author of “Lights and Shadows of London Life,” is now patiently engaged in researches of overwhelming importance to the public.  He will, in his next edition of the above-named work, be enabled to state from personal inquiry, how many ladies residing within a circuit of ten miles round London wear false fronts, with the colours respectively of their real and their artificial hair, together with the number of times per year the latter are dressed.  Besides this, this untiring author has called at every hairdresser’s in the London Directory, to ascertain the number of times per quarter each customer has his hair cut, with the quantity and length denuded.  From these materials a result will be drawn up, showing the average duration of crops; and also how far the hair-cuttings of every day in London would reach, if each hair were joined together and placed somewhere, so as to go—­when enough is collected—­round the world.

The Morning Herald of Monday informs us, that the King of Hanover has passed a law to regulate the crops not only of the army, but of those in the civil employ of government.  The moustaches of the former are to be, we hear, exact copies of those sported by Muntz.  The hair is to be cut close, so as to be woven into regulation whiskers for those to whom nature has denied them.  The pattern whisker was lately submitted by Mr. Truefit, who is to be the army contractor for the same.  It curls over the cheek, and meets the moustaches at the corners of the mouth.

In consequence of this measure, large sales in bear’s grease were made by the Russian merchants on ’Change yesterday for the German markets.  A consequent rise in this species of manure took place; this will, it is feared, have a bad effect upon the British crops, which have already assumed a dry and languid appearance.

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MESSRS.  MACHIN and DEBENHAM respectfully inform the particularly curious, and the public in general, they have the honor to announce the unreserved sale of the following particularly and unprecedentedly attractive Unredeemed Pledges.

N.B.—­The auction duty to be paid by the purchasers,—­if not, the inmates of St. Luke’s have offered to subscribe for their liquidation.


A perfect collection of the original speeches of Sir Francis Burdett—­previous to his visit to the Tower; his fulminations issued from the same; and a catalogue of the unredeemed pledges made to the electors of Westminster, and originally taken in by them—­a compliment very handsomely returned by the honourable Baronet, who kindly took his constituents in in return.  Very curious, though much dogs-eared, thumbed, and as far as the author’s name goes, totally erased.

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