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We very much regret to make an announcement, and are glad at being the first to do so, though we are sorry to advert to the subject, touching an alarming symptom in the Princess Royal.  Her Royal Highness, ever since the birth of the Prince, whom we think we may now venture to call her brother, has suffered from an affection of the nose, which is said to be quite out of joint since the royal stranger (for we hope we may take the liberty of alluding to the Prince of Wales as a stranger, for he is a stranger to us, at least we have never seen him) came into existence.

We hear it on good authority that when the Princess was taken to see her brother, Her Royal Highness, who begins to articulate a few sounds, exclaimed, “Tar!” with unusual emphasis.  It is supposed, from this simple but affecting circumstance, that the Prince of Wales will eventually become a Tar, and perhaps regain for his country the undisputed dominion of the seas, which, by-the-bye, has not been questioned, and probably will not be, in which case the naval attributes of His Royal Highness will not be brought into activity.

* * * * *


Master Smith took an airing on the 5th, accompanied by a Guy Fawkes and a very numerous suite.  In the evening there was a select circle, and a bonfire.

Mr. Baron Nathan and family are still at Kennington.  The Baron danced the college hornpipe, last Wednesday, on one leg, before a party of private friends; and the Honourable Miss Nathan went through the Cracovienne, amidst twenty-four coffee-cups and an inverted pitcher, surmounted by a very long champagne-glass.  Upon inspecting the cups after the graceful performance was concluded, there was not a chip upon one of them.  The champagne glass, though it frequently rattled in its perilous position, retained it through the whole of the dance, and was carefully picked up at its conclusion by the Baroness, who we were happy to find looking in more than her usual health, and enjoying her accustomed spirits.

Bill Bunks has a new feline provisional equipage ready to launch.  The body is a dark black, and the wheels are of the same rich colour, slightly picked out here and there with a chalk stripe.  The effect altogether is very light and pretty, particularly as the skewers to be used are all new, and the board upon which the ha’porths are cut has been recently planed with much nicety.

The travelling menagerie at the foot of Waterloo-bridge was visited yesterday by several loungers.  Amongst the noses poked through the wires of the cage, we remarked several belonging to children of the mobility.  The spirited proprietor has added another mouse to his collection, which may now be pronounced the first—­speaking, of course, Surreysideically—­in (entering) London.

* * * * *

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