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have been conveyed to such a distance, is a question that has long puzzled the ablest geologists.  Immediately above the “shabby genteel” stratum are found the people who “keep a shop concern, but no shay;” it is the uppermost layer of the Metamorphic Class, and, in some instances, may be detected mingling with the supra-genteel Clapham Group.  The “shop and no shay” stratum forms a considerable portion of the London basin.  It is characterised by its coarseness of texture, and a conglomeration of the parts of speech.  Its animal remains usually consist of retired licensed victuallers and obese tallow-chandlers, who are generally found in beds of soft formation, separated from superincumbent layers of Marseilles quilts, by interposing strata of thick double Witneys.

Having proceeded thus far upwards in the social formation, we shall pause until next week, when we shall commence with the lower portion of the TRANSITION CLASS—­the “shop and shay people”—­and, as we hope, convince our readers of the immense importance of our subject, and the great advantage of studying the strata of human life

[Illustration:  UNDER A GREAT MASTER.]

* * * * *


Some person was relating to the Earl of Coventry the strange fact that the Earl of Devon’s harriers last week gave chase, in his demesne, to an unhappy donkey, whom they tore to pieces before they could be called off; upon which his lordship asked for a piece of chalk and a slate, and composed the following jeu d’esprit on the circumstance:—­

  I’m truly shocked that Devon’s hounds
    The gentle ass has slain;
  For me to shun his lordship’s grounds,
    It seems a warning plain.

* * * * *


It is generally reported that the usual drill continuations of the British tars are about to be altered by those manning the fleet off China, who purpose adopting Nankin as soon as possible.

* * * * *


There is a Quaker in New Orleans so desperate upright in all his dealings, that he won’t sit down to eat his meals.

* * * * *



A sailor ashore, after a long cruise, is a natural curiosity.  Twenty-four hours’ liberty has made him the happiest dog in existence; and the only drawback to his perfect felicity, is the difficulty of getting rid of his prize-money within the allotted time.  It must, however, be confessed, that he displays a vast deal of ingenuity in devising novel modes of spending his rhino.  Watches, trinkets, fiddlers, coaches, grog, and girls, are the long-established

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