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[Illustration:  PUNCH A LA ROMAINE.]

We have seen Jullien, the elegant, pantomimic Jullien, exhibit his six-inch wristbands and exquisitely dressed head—­we have roved again amid those bowers where, with Araminta Smith, years ago,

  “We met the daylight after seven hours’ sitting.”

But we were not happy.  There was a something that told us it was not Vauxhall:  the G R’s were V R’s—­the cocked hats were round hats—­the fiddlers were foreigners—­the Rotunda was Astley’s—­the night was moon-shiny—­and there was not—­our pen weeps whilst we trace the mournful fact—­there was not “Simpson” to exclaim, “Welcome to the royal property!” Urbane M.A.C., wouldst that thou hadst been a Mussulman, then wouldst thou doubtlessly be gliding about amid an Eden of Houris, uttering to the verge of time the hospitable sentence which has rendered thy name immortal—­Peace to thy manes!

STRAND.—­The enterprising managers of this elegant little theatre have produced another mythological drama, called “The Frolics of the Fairies; or, the Rose, Shamrock, and Thistle,” from the pen of Leman Rede, who is, without doubt, the first of this class of writers.  The indisposition of Mr. Hall was stated to be the cause of the delay in the production of this piece; out, from the appearance of the bills, we are led to infer that it arose from the indisposition of Mrs. Waylett to shine in the same hemisphere with that little brilliant, Mrs. Keeley, and “a gem of the first water” she proved herself to be on Wednesday night.  It would be useless to enter into the detail of the plot of an ephemeron, that depends more upon its quips and cranks than dramatic construction for its success.  It abounds in merry conceits, which that merriest of—­dare we call her mere woman?—­little Mrs. Bob rendered as pointed as a Whitechapel needle of the finest temper.  The appointments and arrangements of the stage reflect the highest credit on the management, and the industry which can labour to surmount the difficulties which we know to exist in the production of anything like scenic effect in the Strand Theatre, deserve the encouragement which we were gratified to see bestowed upon this little Temple of Momus.

* * * * *

The Olympic Theatre has obtained an extension of its licence from the Lord Chamberlain, and will shortly open with a company selected from Ducrow’s late establishment; but whether the peds are bi or quadru, rumour sayeth not.


MESSRS.  FUDGE and VAMP beg to inform novelists and writers of tales in general, that they supply denouements to unfinished stories, on the most reasonable terms.  They have just completed a large stock of catastrophes, to which they respectfully solicit attention.


Discovery of the real murderers, and respite of the accused.

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