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of opening the trade, this proceeding has only served to open the breach.  The Emperor, I hear, is enraged at our successes, and has ordered the head and tail of the mandarin, Keshin, to be sent in pickle to the imperial court at Pekin.  A new mandarin has arrived, who has presented a chop to Captain Elliott, but I hope, where there is so much at stake, that he will not be put off with a chop.  There is no description of tea to be had in the market now but gunpowder, which, by the last reports, is going off briskly.  Our amusements are not very numerous, being chiefly confined to yawning and sleeping; of this latter recreation I must confess that we enjoy but little, owing to the mosquitos, who are remarkably active and persevering in their attacks upon us.  But with the exception of these tormenting insects, and a rather alarming variety of centipedes, scorpions, and spiders, we have no venomous creatures to disturb us.  The weather is extremely hot, and the advantages of the river for bathing would be very great if it were not so full of sharks.  I have much more to relate of our present cheering prospects and enviable situation, but a ship is on the point of sailing for England, so must conclude in haste.

Ever, dear Tom, yours,


* * * * *


The Examiner observes, in speaking of the types of the new premier’s policy,—­“The state, I am the state,” said the most arrogant of French monarchs.  “The administration, I am the administration,” would seem to say Sir Robert Peel.  In the speech explanatory of his views, which cannot be likened to Wolsey’s “Ego et Rex meus,” because the importance of the ego is not impaired by any addition.—­This literally amounts to a conviction, on the part of the editor of the Examiner, that the premier’s expression is all in his “I.”

* * * * *




“HUMMING” BIRDS.—­With Memoir and Portraits of Peel, Stanley and Aberdeen.

BIRDS OF THE “GAME” KIND.—­Portrait and Memoir of Mr. Gully.

FISHES OF THE “PERCH” GENUS.—­Biographical notices of the late Ministry.

RUMINATING ANIMALS, Vol. 1.—­Contents:  Goats, &c.  Portrait of Mr. Muntz.

RUMINATING ANIMALS, Vol. 2.—­Contents:  Deer, Antelopes, &c.  Portrait of Mr. Roebuck.

MARSUPIALS, OR “POUCHED” ANIMALS.—­With many plates.  Portrait and Memoir of Daniel O’Connell, Esq.

BRITISH BUTTERFLIES.—­Portrait and Memoir of Sir E. Lytton Bulwer.

COMPLETION OF THE WORK.—­Considerable progress has been making in the concluding volume of the series. Rats, with portraits of Burdett, Gibson, Wakley, et genus omne; but the subject is so vast that no definite time can be fixed for its publication.

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