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It is at length decided that Aldgate pump is to be painted, but the vestry have not yet determined what the colour is to be.  It is thought, to suit the diversity of opinions in the parish cabinet, that it will be painted in a harlequin pattern.

It is seriously contemplated to attempt the removal of the ancient “Hot Codlings” stand from the west-end of Temple Bar.  The old woman who at present occupies the premises is resolved to resist to the utmost so unjust an aggression.

The Corporation of the City of London have, in the most liberal manner, given a plot of ground, eighteen by thirteen and a half-inches, for the erection of a pickled whilks and pennywinkle establishment, at the corner of Newgate-street and the Old Bailey.  This will be a valuable boon to the Blue-coat boys, and will tend to cause a brisk influx of loose coppers to this hitherto much-neglected spot.

The disgraceful state of the gutter-grating in Little Distaff-lane has, at length, awakened the attention of the parish authorities.  For several days past it has been choked by an accumulation of rubbish, but we are now enabled, on good authority, to state that the parish-beadle has been directed to poke it with his staff, which it is hoped will have the effect of removing the obstruction.

The Commissioners of Woods and Forests have ordered plans and estimates to be laid before them for the erection of a duck-house on the island of the pond in St. James’s Park.

It has been decided that the exhibition of fancy paper on the boards of the enclosure of Trafalgar-square is to continue open to the public till further notice.

By a recent Act of Parliament, foot passengers crossing Blackfriars-bridge are allowed to walk on whichever side of it they like best.

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For “Sir James Graham denied that he ever changed his friends or his principles,” read “hanged his friends or his principles.”

For “Lord John Russell said that he had strenuously endeavoured to keep pace with the march of Reform,” read “keep place with the march of Reform.”

For “though Sir Robert Peel is the ostensible head, the Duke of Wellington holds the reins of the present administration,” read “the Duke of Wellington holds the brains of the present administration.”

For “Colonel Sibthorp said he despised the man who suffered himself be made the tool of a party,” read “the fool of a party.”

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