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    [4] “Donnez-moi,” &c.—­The classics of all countries are aptly
        drawn upon by the universal erudition of our bard.  A fine
        parody this upon the exclamation of Belmontel’s starving
        author:  “La Gloire—­donnez-moi do pain!”—­FENWICK DE

    [5] “They mourn it dead,” &c.—­A pretty, but perhaps too literal
        allusion to a popular song—­J.  RODWELL.

    [6] “X—­sighs.”—­Who “X” may happen to be we have not the remotest
        idea.  But who would not forgive a little mystification for
        so brilliant a pun?—­THE GHOST OF PUNCH’S THEATRE.

* * * * *


We are requested by Mr. Hume to state, that being relieved from his parliamentary duties, he intends opening a day-school in the neighbourhood of the House of Commons, for the instruction of members only, in the principles of the illustrious Cocker; and to remedy in some measure his own absence from the Finance Committees, he is now engaged in preparing a Parliamentary Ready-reckoner.  We heartily wish him success.

* * * * *


“In the event of the Tories coming into power, it is intended to confer the place of Postmaster-General upon Lord Clanwilliam.  It would be difficult to select an individual more peculiarly fitted for the situation than his lordship, whose love of letters is notorious in the Carlton Club.”—­Extract from an Intercepted Letter.

* * * * *


It is currently reported at the Conservative Clubs, that if their party should come into power, Sir Robert Peel will endeavour to conciliate the Whigs, and to form a coalition with their former opponents.  We have no doubt the cautious baronet sees the necessity of the step, and would feel grateful for support from any quarter; but we much doubt the practicability of the measure.  It would indeed he a strange sight to see Lord Johnny and Sir Bobby, the two great leaders of the opposition engines, with their followers, meeting amicably on the floor of the House of Commons.  In our opinion, an infernal crash and smash would be the result of these


* * * * *


The “star system” has added another victim to the many already sacrificed to its rapacity and injustice.  Mr. Phelps, an actor whose personation of Macduff, the Hunchback, Jaques, &c., would have procured for him in former times no mean position, has been compelled to secede from the Haymarket Theatre from a justifiable feeling of disgust at the continual sacrifices he was required to make for the aggrandisement of one to whom he may not possibly

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