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Mr. Baron Nathan has left Margate for Kennington.  We have not heard whether he was accompanied by the Baroness.  The Honourable Miss Nathan, when we last heard of her, was dancing a hornpipe among a shilling’s worth of new laid eggs, at Tivoli.

A few minutes after Sir Robert Peel left Privy-Gardens, in a carriage and four, for Claremont, Sam Snoxell jumped up behind the Brighton stage, from which he descended, after having been whipped down, at Kennington.

* * * * *


The celebrated savant Sir Peter Laurie, whose scientific labours to discover the cause of the variation of the weathercock on Bow Church, have astonished the Lord Mayor and the Board of Aldermen, has lately turned his attention to the subject of railroads.  The result of his profound cogitations has been highly satisfactory.  He has produced a plan for a railway on an entirely new principle, which will combine cheapness and security in an extraordinary degree.  We have been favoured with a view of the inventor’s plans, and we have no hesitation in saying that, if adopted, the most timid person may, with perfect safety, take

[Illustration:  A RIDE ON THE RAIL.]

* * * * *


Our readers are informed that, despite the belligerent character of the correspondence between the fierce Fitz-Roy and the “Gentle” Shepherd, although it came to a slight blow, there is nothing to warrant an anticipation of their

[Illustration:  GETTING UP THE BREEZE.]

* * * * *


The Tories have engaged Bernard Cavanagh, the Irish fasting phenomenon, to give lectures on his system of abstinence, which they think might be beneficially introduced amongst the working-classes of England.  This is a truly Christian principle of government, for while the people fast, the ministers will not fail to prey.

* * * * *



  The Whigs they promised every day
    To cure the ills which did surround us;
  It should have been, “no cure, no pay!”
    For now we’re worse than when they found us. 
  The Tory clique at length are in,
    And vow that they will save the nation,
  So kindly give us, to begin—­
    Exchequer bills and ventilation. 
      Oh! the artful Tories dear,
        Oh! the dear, the artful Tories
      They alone perceive, ’tis clear,
        That taxes tend to England’s glories.

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