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1.  The capital of this Company is to consist of L0,000,001; one-half of it to be vested in Aldgate Pump, and the other moiety in the Dogger Bank.

2.  Shares, at L50 each, will be issued to any amount; and interest paid thereon when convenient.

3.  A board, consisting of twelve directors, will be formed; but, to save trouble, the management of the Company’s affairs will be placed in the hands of the secretary.

4.  The duties of trustees, auditor, and treasurer, will also be discharged by the secretary.

5.  Each shareholder will he presented with a gratuitous copy of the Company’s regulations, printed on fine foolscap.

6.  Individuals purchasing annuities of this company, will be allowed a large-rate of interest on paper for their money, calculated on an entirely novel sliding-scale.  Annuitants will be entitled to receive their annuities whenever they can get them.

7.  The Company’s office will be open at all hours for the receipt of money; but it is not yet determined at what time the paying branch of the department will come into operation.

8.  The secretary will be allowed the small salary of L10,000 a-year.

9.  In order to simplify the accounts, there will be no books kept.  By this arrangement, a large saving will be effected in the article of clerks, &c.

10.  The annual profits of the company will be fixed at 20 per cent., but it is expected that there will be no inquiry made after dividends.

11.  All monies received for and by the company, to be deposited in the breeches-pocket of the secretary, and not to be withdrawn from thence without his special sanction.

12.  The establishment to consist of a secretary and porter.

13.  The porter is empowered to act as secretary in the absence of that officer; and the secretary is permitted to assist the porter in the arduous duties of his situation.

*** Applications for shares or annuities to be made to the secretary of the Provident Annuity Company, No. 1, Thieves Inn.

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Our reporter has just forwarded an authentic statement, in which he vouches, with every appearance of truth, that “Lord Melbourne dined at home on Wednesday last.”  The neighbourhood is in an agonising state of excitement.


(Particularly exclusive.)

Our readers will be horrified to learn the above is not the whole extent of this alarming event.  From a private source of the highest possible credit, we are informed that his “Lordship also took tea.”


Great Heavens! when will our painful duties end?  We tremble as we write,—­may we be deceived!—­but we are compelled to announce the agonising fact—­“he also supped!”

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