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3.  Which is the most powerful narcotic—­opium, henbane, or a lecture upon practice of physic; and will a moderate dose of antimonial wine sweat a man as much as an examination at Apothecaries’ Hall?


1.  Does any chemical combination take place between the porter and ale in a pot of half-and-half upon mixture?  Is there a galvanic current set up between the pewter and the beer capable of destroying the equilibrium of living bodies.

2.  Explain the philosophical meaning of the sentence—­“He cut away from the crushers as quick as a flash of lightning through a gooseberry-bush.”

3.  There are two kinds of electricity, positive and negative; and these have a pugnacious tendency. A, a student, goes up to the College positive he shall pass; B, an examiner, thinks his abilities negative, and flummuxes him accordingly. A afterwards meets B alone, in a retired spot, where there is no policeman, and, to use his own expression, “takes out the change” upon B.  In this case, which receives the greatest shock—­A’s “grinder,” at hearing his pupil was plucked, or B for doing it?

4.  The more crowded an assembly is, the greater quantity of carbonic acid is evolved by its component members.  State, upon actual experience, the per centage of this gas in the atmosphere of the following places:—­The Concerts d’Ete, the Swan in Hungerford Market, the pit of the Adelphi, Hunt’s Billiard Rooms, and the Colosseum during the period of its balls.



1.  Mention the most liberal pawnbrokers in the neighbourhood of Guy’s and Bartholomew’s; and state under what head of diseases you class the spring outbreak of dissecting cases and tooth-drawing instruments in their windows.

2.  Mention the cheapest tailors in the metropolis, and especially name those who charge you three pounds for dress coats ("best Saxony, any other colour than blue or black"), and write down five in the bills to send to your governor.  Describe the anatomical difference between a peacoat, a spencer, and a Taglioni, and also state who gave the best “prish” for old ones.

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Public attention being at this particular season anxiously directed to the prospects of the approaching harvest, we are enabled to lay before our readers some authentic information on the subject.  Notwithstanding the fears which the late unfavourable weather induced, we have ascertained that reaping is proceeding vigorously at all the barbers’ establishments in the kingdom.  Several extensive chins were cut on Saturday last, and the returns proved most abundant.

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