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N.B.—­Some splendid ground at the corners of popular and well-frequented streets, to be let on short leases for edifices of the above description.  Apply as before.

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The following invaluable literary recipes have been most kindly forwarded by the celebrated Ude.  They are the produce of many years’ intense study, and, we must say, the very best things of the sort we have ever met with.  There is much delicacy in M. Ude leaving it to us, as to whether the communication should be anonymous.  We think not, as the peculiarity of the style would at once establish the talented authorship, and, therefore, attempted concealment would be considered as the result of a too morbidly modest feeling.


Take a consummate puppy—­M.P.s preferable (as they are generally the softest, and don’t require much pressing)—­baste with self-conceit—­stuff with slang—­season with maudlin sentiment—­hash up with a popular publisher—­simmer down with preparatory advertisements.  Add six reams of gilt-edged paper—­grate in a thousand quills—­garnish with marble covers, and morocco backs and corners.  Stir up with magazine puffs—­skim off sufficient for preface.  Shred scraps of French and small-talk, very fine.  Add “superfine coats”—­“satin stocks”—­“bouquets”—­“opera-boxes”—­“a duel”—­an elopement—­St. George’s Church—­silver bride favours—­eight footmen—­four postilions—­the like number of horses—­a “dredger” of smiles—­some filtered tears—­half-mourning for a dead uncle (the better if he has a twitch in his nose), and serve with anything that will bear “frittering.”


(By the same Author.)

Take a young lady—­dress her in blue ribbons—­sprinkle with innocence, spring flowers, and primroses.  Procure a Baronet (a Lord if in season); if not, a depraved “younger son”—­trim him with ecarte, rouge et noir, Epsom, Derby, and a slice of Crockford’s.  Work up with rustic cottage, an aged father, blind mother, and little brothers and sisters in brown holland pinafores.  Introduce mock abduction—­strong dose of virtue and repentance.  Serve up with village church—­happy parent—­delighted daughter—­reformed rake—­blissful brothers—­syren sisters—­and perfect denouement.

N.B.  Season with perspective christening and postponed epitaph.


Take a small boy, charity, factory, carpenter’s apprentice, or otherwise, as occasion may serve—­stew him well down in vice—­garnish largely with oaths and flash songs—­boil him in a cauldron of crime and improbabilities.  Season equally with good and bad qualities—­infuse petty larceny, affection, benevolence, and burglary, honour and housebreaking, amiability and arson—­boil all gently.  Stew down a mad mother—­a gang of robbers—­several pistols—­a bloody knife.  Serve up with a couple of murders—­and season with a hanging-match.

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