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[Illustration:  Introduction.]

[Illustration:  T]This Guffawgraph is intended to form a refuge for destitute wit—­an asylum for the thousands of orphan jokes—­the superannuated Joe Millers—­the millions of perishing puns, which are now wandering about without so much as a shelf to rest upon!  It is also devoted to the emancipation of the Jew d’esprits all over the world, and the naturalization of those alien Jonathans, whose adherence to the truth has forced them to emigrate from their native land.

Punch” has the honour of making his appearance every Saturday, and continues, from week to week, to offer to the world all the fun to be found in his own and the following heads: 


Punch” has no party prejudices—­he is conservative in his opposition to Fantoccini and political puppets, but a progressive whig in his love of small change.


This department is conducted by Mrs. J. Punch, whose extensive acquaintance with the elite of the areas enables her to furnish the earliest information of the movements of the Fashionable World.


This portion of the work is under the direction of an experienced nobleman—­a regular attendant at the various offices—­who from a strong attachment to “Punch,” is frequently in a position to supply exclusive reports.


To render this branch of the periodical as perfect as possible, arrangements have been made to secure the critical assistance of John Ketch, Esq., who, from the mildness of the law, and the congenial character of modern literature with his early associations, has been induced to undertake its execution.

Fine arts.

Anxious to do justice to native talent, the criticisms upon Painting, Sculpture, &c., are confided to one of the most popular artists of the day—­“Punch’s” own immortal scene-painter.

Music and the drama.

These are amongst the most prominent features of the work.  The Musical Notices are written by the gentleman who plays the mouth-organ, assisted by the professors of the drum and cymbals.  “Punch” himself does the Drama.


A Prophet is engaged!  He foretells not only the winners of each race, but also the “Vates” and colours of the riders.


Are contributed by the members of the following learned bodies:—­

The court of common council and the zoological society:—­The temperance association and the waterproofing company:—­The college of physicians and the Highgate cemetery:—­The dramatic authorsand the mendicity societies:—­The beefsteak club and the anti-dry-rot company.

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