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No uncommon type of our “Young America” is Mister Solomon Smooth, the individual whose part in these sketches was performed for General Pierce in particular, and “Uncle Sam” in general.  Mr. Smooth was born and “growed” on the extreme south point of Cape Cod—­a seemingly desolate spot, yet somewhat renowned as the birthplace of Long Tom Coffin.  If I would select one of our nation’s ’cutest sons; if I were called upon to name the kind of man with that in his natural composition to make the safest, shrewdest, and most calculating merchant; if I were called to pass judgment on the man most qualified to sustain the spirit and characteristics of the American nation abroad—­one who would never betray our national energy, nor degrade his profession, nor fail to seek that which might promote the interests of those who reposed trust in him, at the same time never forgetting his own—­if I were about forming an expedition, and would provide myself with that character of man upon whom the issue of its success most depends; if, I say, I would seek the man possessing those rigid qualities of a moral nature which are a sure protection against doing aught that may degrade the councils of a nation, I would make this sandy cape my starting point, and draw from the upward growth of that stern energy to be found among those flourishing, energetic, and intelligent communities embraced within that circle which terminates at Cape Ann, and between the circling arms of which two capes heaves Boston Bay.  But Smooth, though somewhat primitive in his personal appearance, is none of your common Cape Cod coasters, such as your Captain Doanes, and Cooks, and Ryders, and Clapps.  Not he!  So slender of person is he, that there can be no particular impropriety in our drawing a comparison between him and that peculiar type of per son commonly called a Virginian bean-pole.  Nor, when he gets himself (as is not uncommon with him) “all over” native brown homespun, does his configuration materially change, there yet remaining, and boldly refusing to be disguised, that face so full of penetration, and those features so sharp.  The waggishly inclined have identified them with the wizardry of dividing storm currents.  Nevertheless, of this lean conformation, which is better within than the world without is in general willing to admit, is Smooth particularly proud.  In manner, Smooth is piquant; and being an acknowledged member of the fast school—­that is, a disciple of manifest destiny in particular and Model Republics in general—­he accepts the mission so kindly proffered him by his unfortunate friend, Mr. General Pierce, and has no objection to giving the world and kingcraft (the latter rudderless, and drifting on those quicksands of common sense which it were well for nations had they proved destructive centuries ago) a few lessons in the go-ahead principle.  What Smooth means to convey by the

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