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Strahan, William, printer, letter from Smith to, about new edition
    of the Theory, 149;
  friend of Franklin, 151;
  Hume’s literary executor, 298;
  Smith’s letter to, on Hume’s illness and death, 304;
  letter on Hume’s Dialogues from Smith to, 305;
  letter from Smith to, 308;
  proposes publication of selection of Hume’s letters, 309;
  Smith’s reply, 310;
  correspondence of Smith with, on Commissionership of Customs, 321

Stuart, Andrew, W.S. and M.P., candidate for Indian
    supervisorship, 255;
  withdrawal from contest for Lanarkshire, 391;
  letter of Smith, 392

Sugar, Smith’s fondness for, 338

Sunday schools, Smith on, 407

Sunday suppers, Smith’s, 327

Swediaur, Dr., on the Oyster Club, 334;
  on Smith, 334

Swift, Jonathan, Smith on, 367

Tassie, J., his medallions of Smith, 438

Taxation of poor, 220, 344;
  in France, 230

Theatre, erection in Glasgow, 79;
  opposition of Senatus and Smith, 79;
  in France frequented by Smith, 213

Theory of Moral Sentiments, 141;
  of its reception in London, 142;
  last revision, 425

Thompson, Dr. W., historian, Smith on, 17

Tooke, Horne, visits Smith at Montpellier, 183

Toulouse, Smith at, 175;
  dulness of Smith at, 179;
  its Parliament, 185;
  the Calas case, 186

Townshend, Charles, his admiration for Smith’s Theory, 144;
  his proposal of tutorship for Smith, 144;
  his visit to Glasgow, 147;
  letter of Smith to, 148;
  letter to Smith, 164;
  letter of Smith from Compiegne to, 223

Trained Bands of Edinburgh, Smith made Honorary Captain, 374

Tronchin, Dr., sends son to be Smith’s pupil, 59

Turgot, M., friendship with Smith in Paris, 202;
  their obligations to one another, 203;
  their alleged correspondence, 204;
  Smith’s opinion of, 205;
  procures copy of the Memoires for Smith, 344

Tutorships, travelling, Smith’s views of, 166

Union, Smith on the Scotch, 150; Smith on Irish, 355

Urquhart, Mr., of Cromartie, 183

Usury, Smith on Bentham’s Defence, 423

Utopia, Smith on, 282

Vice-rector of Glasgow University, office held by Smith, 68

Virgil’s Eclogues, Smith on, 369

Voltaire, conversation with Smith in Geneva, 189;
  Smith’s admiration for, 190;
  Smith’s comparison of Rousseau and, 372

Walpole, Horace, Smith’s acquaintance with, in Paris, 194;
  reports remark of Smith, 263

Ward, Rev. William, Smith on his Rational Grammar, 159

Watt, James, made mathematical instrument maker to Glasgow
    University, 71;
  makes ivory bust of Smith with his sculpture machine, 74;
  on Professor Simson’s Club, 98

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